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Preseason Ranking #14 All American Bagels

#14 All American Bagels

Ranking 14 -> 32.65

Qualify 14 -> 33.25

Salary 1 -> 32.04

Batting 5 -> 33.64

Pitching 9 -> 30.45

Taylor Boice

Derek Radek

Noah Kieft

Kyle Gorski

Kermit -> Taylor Zae

Taylor enters his 2nd year as an owner after going into the playoffs as the #1 seed last year and losing in the semi finals.  The Bagels are the only team over salary entering the season and have a unknown i Kyle Gorski that sets them back this far.  The current roster played just 65 games last year going 41-24 with the main 3 all winning 10 plus games with batting averages over 400..  From a performance stand point this team is ranked #1 with no one on the roster playing under a 27.92 salary last year.  In Leroy participation is key and all 3 picks for Taylor are question marks in making it out week to week. 

Taylor himself played just 20 games last year going 14-6 with a 0.423 batting average and a 4.62 ERA from the mound.  Last year Taylor was in a good spot as the #3 with both Schaaf and Radek on his team, but this year he’s going to have to fall into that 2 spot on the mound and the pressure will be on for him to perform.  He had just 24 k’s in 26 innings pitched last year and only tallied 8 homers from the plate. 

Derek Radek returns to the Bagels after going 13-10 last year in 23 games played.  We have seen with Derek that if he plays week to week he is one of the most consistent players in the league.  The only question mark remains if he is ready to take over as the #1 from the mound this year.  He sported a 3.71 ERA and had just 40k’s in 34 innings pitched.  His batting isn’t the question with 18 homers and a .458 average from the plate but when it comes to crunch time him and Taylor will be the closers for each game in a series.  

Noah Keift had his first full year last year going 12-6 in 18 games and posting a .400 average from the plate with 9 homers.  His pitching was the problem with a 11.18 ERA and a 2.59 whip.  The one unseen out of Noah is his speed.  If he gets on he will find a way to score and make defenses play mistake free.  

Kyle Gorski is an x factor we haven’t seen much from.  As stated before the Bagels are over salary and Kyle may be the guy on the chopping block depending on how salary hits go in the first couple weeks.  

Taylor Zae signed up to play this year and hasn’t seen one at bat at Leroy.  Taylor has rights to his first four games and will most likely be in the lineup for the first few weeks to replace Kyle.  He will be a major factor in if the Bagels can start out hot like they did a year ago. 

All in all Taylor’s draft plan went hey wire from the start with many of his key guys going before his first pick.  Unlike Greg he buckled down and took Radek even with the question marks of attendance the combo of these 2 had good things going last year and that chemistry will come in handy as they solidify themselves going into the playoffs.


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