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Preseason Ranking #12 Flatbilled Platties

#12 Flatbilled Platties 

Ranking 12 -> 33.26

Qualify 12 -> 34.84

Salary 9 -> 31.70

Batting 4 -> 34.33

Pitching 13 -> 29.06

Marty Rasala

Garrett Lytle

Boston Tucker

Sam Staal

Luke Hillegonds

From Fan Favorite to League Villain, last year was a roller coaster season for Marty.  From the Marty gate of getting Robby Zandstra to play a few games after saying no to many others, to a complete disaster of a playoff performance, it was all capped with him becoming the 7th player inducted into the Leroy Hall of Fame.  His salary dropped almost 10 dollars from last year and somehow under league average which is mind blowing.  His 16th pick in the draft was a blessing and a curse having to wait for 15 picks to come off before he could pick up 2 guys.  

Marty played just 14 games last year going 7-7, his ERA soared over 11.00 and he hit just 14 homers with 19 RBI’s. The Marty of the past was no where to be seen last year and many are wondering if his best years are behind him.  Missing multiple weeks due to touring the country in his new hit band he was unable to find consistency week in and out and after losing the opening round of the double elimination tournament he bailed on his team watching them get massacred to be the first team knocked out of the playoffs.  

Garrett Lytle fell all the way to 16 and many owners passed on him including his brother Jon.  Garrett also played just 14 games last year but when he did he was 12-2.  He sported a .447 batting average and a 4.50 ERA and was on one of the most dominant teams we have seen in years in the Bombers.  Then the playoffs happened and an abscess ass forced him to miss some big games and ultimately was the cause of the Bombers demise. Work has always been a concern for owners in drafting Garret not knowing if he will make it and they will be forced to get a sub and lose valuable salary dollars, but with this roster he is on now he will be the ace and the best player by far. 

Boston Tucker came into the league quietly last year and put up solid numbers for a rookie especially when he played more games for the Platties last year than Marty himself.  Boston went 6-12 in 18 games all playing for the Platties and he will continue that this year.  He had a .324 average and a 9.28 ERA finishing with a 27.74 salary just a few points under average.  Being teamed up with Garrett will definitely help as well.  Boston attended the draft it was great to see more new guys coming back for a second season.

Sam Staal had a roller coaster draft night.  He wasn’t drafted in the first round and overlooked especially having a salary under last years.  The Corgis took Sam and was then traded to the Platties to play for the man he brought into the league.  Sam has been to 4 Championships and this is a perfect set up for him going into his 10th year in the league.  Playing with Marty, Boston, and Garret he or Marty can be the 3 and 4 which could be deadly. 

Marty picked up Luke Hillegonds in the Kermit spot a player that was part of the 2022 Championship run.  Luke was unable to participate in the playoffs last year because he thought softball was cooler.  With that being said the 2 tournaments on saturday this year could give many players the option of getting there four games in and being able to be apart of the playoffs.  

All in all this team on paper is solid 1-4, but each spot has some glaring issues.  Garrett’s availability, Marty’s consistency, Sam’s injury, Bostons inexperience, and Luke’s love of softball.  In 2020 Marty drafted a team and stuck with it throughout the whole year playing together week in and out.  He created a formula for success, but the question is will this roster be able to stick with that formula.  Side note if you haven’t yet go out and see him and his wife perform.  It was a great time and they are great singers!!! 


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