Leroy Wiffle Association Hall of Fame

The Leroy Wiffle Hall of Fame was created in 2017. 

After the conclusion of the season, the top 64 career ranked players will be put into a bracket. 

All current and former players are allowed to vote on the head to head match ups in each round until a winner has been decided.

Winner will get their jersey number retired, they will be only player allowed to use that number.

As well as votes awarded, players will be given the opponents seeding as additional votes.  

2017 Hall of Fame Inductee

#13 Caleb Jonkman

The year of 2017 was clearly the "Year of Jonkman".  

After winning every single major award in Leroy, he won the National Player of the Year for the NWLA.

His contributions off the field mimic that of his play on the field. 

A big advocate for the partnership of ORWBL and Indiana Wiffle moving forward.

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2017 Hall of Fame Bracket