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Kermit Preseason Rankings #15 Corgis

#15 Courageous Corgis 

Ranking 15 -> 30.68

Qualify 15 -> 30.26

Salary 13 -> 31.10

Batting 12 -> 29.66

Pitching 6 -> 32.54

Greg Gierling

Kyle Schaaf

Alex Eenigenburg

Chris Bartley

Kermit -> Tyler Baulkema

Greg told the year off from owning and comes back into this year with the new branded Corgis.  Big hopes from Greg to make a deep run after his 2022 campaign ended in rough fashion.  The roster he ended up with played 64 games last year second lowest with a 34-30 winning record.  On paper this team could compete but if Kyle Schaaf actually does bow out in the 2024 campaign this could be a tough break for the Corgis.  Greg drafted Sam Staal in the second round only to trade him to the Platties for Alex Eburg in another shocking move which saw a massive derailment from Dusty Baker.  

Greg himself played 22 games last year going 8-14 hitting .228 from the plate and 12.89 ERA from the mound.  Rumors are swirling he is looking to bring in some new young talent to surround himself with that could alter the direction of this team moving forward.  The key for Greg to be competitive is to remember its a 20 game season and he’s got 2 months to pluck in a piece here and another piece there to give the Corgis a chance to compete come playoff time.  

Kyle Schaaf is coming off another great year going 16-5 hitting .504 from the Plate and just a .94 ERA with 60 k’s in 32 innings.  Kyle will be getting married this year like many others in the league and this could be a reason he takes a step back if he does.  We hope this isn’t the last time we see Kyle who is a fiery competitor and always gives a 110 percent when on the field no matter who he plays for.  

The trade for Alex EBurg was a shocking move after Sam told Greg he would give it his all and compete.  Alex played just 6 games last year but did go 5-1 in those games.  He hit .429 and had just a 1.67 ERA in those 6 games.  On paper a duo of Alex and Schaaf would be fun to watch especially when Greg has 29 dollars of cap yet to use, the question will be if we see either come opening day. Chris Bartley played 15 games last year going 5-10 with a .429 average and 2.00 era from the mound.  When the Griffith Gregs passed on Bartley it guaranteed we won’t see much if any of Chris in the 2024 season.  

The Corgis grabbed Tyler Baulkema as there Kermit, sounds like a nice guy, 

All in all it was no surprise that Greg was banking on Wes Ellis in the first round.  After Wes went to the pies his ability to think clearly seemed to take over.  Passing on guys like Bo Hofstra, Friedman, or anyone that would at least come and play was a mistake and it continued thorough out the draft.  He put himself in a spot where the whole roster from 1-4 needs to be looked at and sorted out.  There is no guarantees in any spot for him and its going to be a roller coaster year for the Courageous Corgis. 


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