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Kermit Preseason Ranking #13 Backdoor Sliders

#13 Backdoor Sliders

Ranking 13 -> 33.20

Qualify 13 -> 34.60

Salary 8 -> 31.80

Batting 3 -> 34.74

Pitching 14 -> 28.87

Jordan Mosel

Bo Hofstra

Zach Hise

Sam Deardroff

Kermit -> Josh Trim

We see the only franchise that has been here since day 1 continue in their 11th season this year.  Many speculate if Jordan showed up to the draft and talked with players the history of the Sliders would have been alot different through out the years.  Instead all the Sliders seem to be known for are under performing playoff runs and domination of the Badgers.  The Sliders roster played 74 games last year going 40-34 and have one of the best 1 and 2 from the plate.  

Jordan trails the commissioner just .04 in the race starting the year to be the 8th player inducted into the Leroy Hall of Fame.  A deep playoff run for either him or Tim will be the deciding factor and his draft doesn’t look to help that. Jordan played 22 games last year going 7-15 and hit just .279 from the plate with a 10.48 ERA.  With his salary so low this is the year for Jordan to make a run and time will tell if he can convince this roster to play for him. 

Bo Hofstra falls all the way to Jordan after playing 22 games last year and dominating going 19-3.  He was a stud with 29 homers a 0.429 average and a 1.16 ERA from the mound.  It’s the same story with Bo every year that he will only play for Jared and rumors are he is keeping that motive going into 2024. We like many in the league hope that is wrong. Zach Hise had one of the most under rated and talked about seasons last year.  Going 11-15 in 26 games he hit 35 Homers and was .520 from the plate and helped the Sliders give the Badgers the only series lost in the playoffs last year.  To put it into perspective his Batting Ranking last year was higher than his teammates Bo’s.  Zach had a 52.84 Rating while Bo boasted a 51.17.  They were 3 and 4 among all players last year that played over 20 games behind only Caleb and Jared and in a 16 team league they are teammates.  

Sam Deardroff was a long shot for Jordan he played in just 4 games last year going 3-1 before a season ending injury.  If he is anywhere near the upside of his brother Cole we could see another young stud coming along.  Other than the Jonkmans and Detmars we haven’t seen a dominant brother duo in the league. 

He finished his draft taking Josh Trim who went 15-6 with 22 Homers and a great first full year with the Bombers last year.  We haven’t heard if Josh is going to make it out this year but if he does and looks as committed as he did last year he will find a home whether its with the Sliders or someone else. 

All in all shit was thrown at Jordan again and I still don’t know why.  It sucks that Bo may not play for the Sliders because watching him and Hise on the field together would be electric.  Zach has always been overlooked because of his poor pitching but when it came to push to shove he proved he can compete last year in big time games.  If Jordan can get this team to come it will be one of the most offensively dominant seasons we will see and if Bo can lead the Sliders to a Championship without coat tailing off Jared his legacy will go down as one of the best to every do it. 


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