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Kermit Preseason Ranking #11 Leroy Lot Lizards

#11 Leroy Lot Lizards

Ranking 11 -> 33.66

Qualify 11 ->  35.40

Salary 5 -> 31.91

Batting 16 -> 28.34

Pitching 1 -> 35.49

Tim Wiltjer

Brett Detmar

Ben Zandstra

Nathan Owensby

Chris Neumann

Truckers Riot for Lot Lizards, a 3rd rebranding for Leroy’s home town team looks to spark a new legacy.  Brett and Caleb were apart of the Truckers who lost to the eventual 2014 Champions.  Brett and Lemont were apart of the Riot who were rained down on by the leps in the death bracket in 2022.  Brett will rejoin tim again for a 3rd rebranding and a chance for redemption.  The Truckers 2014 run was the only time they made the semi finals, while Tim has yet to make a championship game, brett has 3 titles to his name.  

Tim played 24 games last year going 11-14 finishing with 8 homers and a .265 batting average.  A 12.38 era wasn’t the best.  Tim had a roller coaster year last year chasing a title with Greg and Caleb but fell short.  With Robby Zandstra retired it will be Tim or Jordan joining the Hall of Fame this year and all eyes will be watching week to week to see who will join the inclusive group at seasons end. 

Brett played 25 games last year going 17-8 and having another dominant performance from the mound.  A .71 ERA and .32 Whip he finished with 78 k’s in 32 innings pitched.  He knocked 16 Homers and had a .372 batting average which is best on the team from last year’s stats.  Brett has a big challenge ahead of him this year nothing he hasn’t done before.  His brother Erik and him have won 3 championships together, but Erik has won one without him.  The goal to get one without Erik. 

Ben Zandstra was selected with the last pick in the second round.  He rejoins Brett after a promising rookie campaign last year.  He played just 9 games and went 5-4 with a 2.40 ERA and 5 Homers.  He looks to be a full time player for the Lizards this year and is excited about the opportunity to play full time.  Keep an eye out for a big step up for Ben this year following in the foot steps of many Zandstras before him. 

Nathan Owensby has been a polarizing player in the league over the past few years.  He played 18 games last year going 7-11 after giving up on being an owner.  Nathan led the Bandits to the 2nd best offense in Leroy’s history to date 2 years ago and with a lot lizards team that has the lowest batting average of all teams he will have to infuse some of his owner tricks to producing some runs.  When Tim saw him sitting on the board with enough cap to sign him it was a no brainer.  Getting Nathan and Ben will be huge for the Lizards on the defense end as well both young with speed. Nathan posted a 8.31 ERA with a career low .301 batting average last year.  It was a tough year for Nathan trying to hold the kreampies a float without Mason being a regular.  

With the last pick in the draft the Riot secured Chris Neumann.  Chris went undrafted in the main rounds due to his injury this past winter.  He is currently in rebuild mode and looks to get back in wiffle action in the next coming weeks, Chris will be a huge X Factor for any team that picks him up.  He posted a 5.91 ERA and went 16-7 in 23 games played last year.  

The Lizards roster went 40-37 in 77 games last year.  They are the #1 Ranked Pitching Team and the #16 Ranked Batting Team.  Trade offers have come in for Nathan and Ben already, but Tim looks to see if they can collectively come together and overcome the offensive woes.  They are the only team in the league with 3 of the 4 players being an owner at one time.  Tim has never had a player of Brett’s caliber from start to finish in a season, and it will be interesting to see how they go from start to finish.  


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