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Kermit Pre Season Rankings -> 16. Lake County Liners

Before we get into the Pre Season Rankings i just want to give a big thanks to all involved with the behind the scenes work.  Sam Staal, Carter VG, and Jared Jonkman were all involved in making sure the fields are ready for the season.  Also big thanks to Greg for putting on another great performance for the draft.  All Rankings for teams are based on the main 4 players on roster and do not include stats of the Kermits.  

Also big thanks to all our sponsors for the 2024 Season

#16 Lake County Liners 

Ranking 16 ->29.64 

Qualify 16 -> 27.36

Salary 6 -> 31.91

Batting 6 -> 32.54

Pitching 8 -> 31.27

Caleb Jonkman

Alex Friedman

Dylan Polak

Jordan Kramer

Kermit -> Ethan Bumgardner

Co Founder of the league and the face of Leroy was no where to be found on draft night, but his presence was still felt.  Caleb flipped the bill on the delicious food provided by set em up, and a big thanks for the generosity.  As for the Liners, in a shocking move the Liners are ranked dead last after draft night.  The Roster sports a total of 57 games played last year with a 21-36 record between the 4, next lowest is 34 wins.  The biggest reason this team is ranked 16 is because of games played last year and this doesn’t even put into consideration the week to week availability of Caleb in this up-coming season.  

The 40 time MVP streak of Caleb may come to an end this year.  Word on the street from multiple sources has been this could be his retirement season.  With a new marriage coming this fall and a potential move, this may not only be the last we see the Liners, but Caleb in general.  Many hope the rumors are false but after a no show to the draft speculations have many wondering if his heart is still in it.  Caleb still had a stud season going just 12-9 hitting 34 homers with a .584 batting average.  He posted a 0.58 ERA with a .19 WHIP and had 79 k’s in just 31 innings pitched.  

A solid pick in the first round drafting Alex Friedman could be another contributing factor to his retirement campaign if true with Alex being a manager and Commissioner himself in the ORWBL League.  Alex is coming off a below average season for him with just 15 homers and an ERA over 8.00.  Getting to play side by side with his Magic team mate is the perfect combination to get him back to his All Star self we saw in 2022.  

Dylan Polak played just 4 games last year and much is to be learned if he will be a week to week player and even so how consistent from the plate and mound he will be.  He posted a .143 average in this four games with a 9.00 ERA and just 1 k from the mound in 4 innings.  

Jordan Kramer played 11 games last year going 2-9 and sporting a shocking 0.085 batting average.  He went 5-59 from the plate including his first 42 at bats not getting a hit.  A 11.83 ERA from the mound isn’t ideal but a first full season from Jordan will be huge to get himself more consistent from both the plate and mound.  

Ethan Bumgardner is said to be a stud and has very high potential to be rookie of the year. With the new Kermit rules this year Caleb will only have rights to him for four games and after that he will be available to sign to anyone and will be thrown into the Sub pool until that happens.  

All in all its always a crap shoot for Caleb after the draft, he is very limited in who he can draft with his insane salary and doesn’t have much of a choice in how to construct a team.  I think Alex is the only one safe on this roster and based on how Alex performs early on will be the deciding factor in how much effort Caleb puts into a playoff push if any. 


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