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Double D's in Leroy


It’s been months of inactivity from the Leroy Grounds. The Riot Jersey still holds the Foul pole up on Field 2, fences have been blown across 231, and there still are no lights. Through the years 230 players have played on the field and 111 of them came out and played a game and we saw new rivalries, new friends made, and new Champions. With that being said Leroy has finally hit Double D’s status; Double Digits.

Year 10 is upon us and I want to thank everyone who has made an impact through those years, but most importantly those who have been here since day 1.

The first year we had 35 players participate, here are the list of the 9 players who have played in every single season since year 1 in 2014;

Jordan Mosel - Jake Van Vuren - Matt Dykstra - Brett Detmar - Caleb Jonkman - Robby Zandstra - Jared Jonkman - Erik Detmar - Tim Wiltjer.

Sam Staal and Kevin Vroegh both have played huge parts in the league since day 1 and both missed one year during the 9. Austin Gibson and Austin Warner played a couple games this year as well meaning only 13 players from Year 1 also played year 9.

As we get older, new guys like Ian Garavalia, Nathan Owensby, Mason Capouch, and Carter Vander Griend will change the face of Leroy and I couldn’t be more thrilled to see where they take it. One thing that won’t change through the years is the unique addition of Player Ranking in Leroy that has driven players to someday reach the Leroy Hall of Fame.

This year we will induct our 6th player to its iconic list of the best talent in the whole world. Here are the list of past inductees:

2017 - Caleb Jonkman

2018 - Brett Detmar

2019 - Erik Detmar

2020 - Jared Jonkman

2021 - Sam Staal

2022 - Well let’s take a look at this year’s Player Ranking before we get to the inductee.

I don’t plan on going through every 230 players this year, but i will highlight where the 111 players that did play as well as the remaining players in the top 50. So lets begin.

230 of 230 -> Joey Van Vuren

2022: 5.56

That’s right, step upside Colin Peters we have a new worst player in Leroy. Although Joey got a hit unlike Colin, Joey couldn’t finish the 1 inning he pitched, becoming the first player in Leroy History to finish a season without a full inning pitched. He went 0-1 in his 1 game played and was blasted for 8 runs and then bolted for beach vollyball where he could show his manhood off after losing it in Leroy.

222 of 230 -> Kenny Michaels

2022: 7.16

Kenny played a couple games this year, he is the founder of Michaels in Merrillville where you can get all your fabric needs. He went 1-1 in 2 games with a .182 batting average and a 24.00 ERA in 2 Innings pitched with 1 k.

215 of 230 - Donny Woo

2022: 9.44

For the record Donny is not Asian. Although his performance this past year may make some believe he could be. A young whippersnapper who played 4 games going 0-4 as a Narhwal, had 1 Homer in four games and posted a 44.00 ERA in 3 Innings pitched with 4 k’s. He could be a sneaky pick in the 2023 Draft if someone is willing to take on a work in progress.

214 of 230 - Matt Welsh

2022: 9.54

Matt enjoys Grape Juice. He went 0-2 with a .100 batting average and a 6.00 ERA in 2 innings pitched.

206 of 230 - Keith Winston

2022 : 10.26

Could be wrong, but rumor has it Kieth was walking down Leroy when Nathan scooped him up for a couple games with the boys. He went 1-3 in 4 games with a .167 Batting average. He had 4 k’s in 4 Innings pitched with a 9.00 ERA. Kieth looks to be an instant first rounder in the 2023 Draft.

200 of 230 - Nick Storcz

2022: 10.83

Big Nick fan, he commanded excellence out of his opponents. Nick went 2-0 with .167 Batting average and 2 RBI’s. He posted a 3.00 ERA in 2 innings pitched.

199 of 230 - Tim Durall

2022 : 11.01

Anyone with the name Tim is a dominant force on the field. You add a little Durall from Duracell and you got the Energizer Tim out there. He went 2-5 in 7 Games. Posted a stunning .086 Batting average and a 7.50 ERA in 8 Innings pitched with 9 k’s. With pitching coming at a premium we could see a team scoop him up in the draft with hopes of his batting improving.

194 of 230 - Eli Harper

2022 : 11.80

I believe Mason was dating his sister. Had a good bat, and could become a stud when he gets a little older. He’s got that wiffle ball vibe, and show signs of a young Matty D. He went 2-2 with a .240 Batting average and Solo Homer. Had 4 k’s in 4 Innings Pitched with a 10.50 ERA and will be available for the 2023 Draft.

193 of 230 - Zach Porter

2022 : 11.83

Zach played in the first couple weeks and managed to go the whole season without getting any calls about being signed to a team. He went 1-1 with a .333 Batting average and 2 runs scored. Posted 1 k in 2 Innings pitched with a 6.00 ERA.

192 of 230 - Jake Boender

2022: 11.97

Rumor has it Caleb kicked him out of his house for hosting Anime parties on Tuesday nights and he moved to Florida. His dad owns a electric company, Jake if you read this we need lights if you want to mention it at the next family dinner. Jake went just 1-1 with a .364 Batting average and 1 Homer. He struggled from the mound with 2 k’s in 1 ⅓ Innings Pitched. His ERA was 40.50, yikes.

183 of 230 - Levi Hescott

2022: 12.79

Before you even ask, Yes, this is Micah’s brother. Before you even ask the follow up question. Yes he work’s at Levis competing against Micah at Abercrombie. Before you even ask the next follow up question, Yes they spend they spend family dinners showing off the latest fashion by strolling on the kitchen table. Levi went 2-0 with 1 RBI and 3 Runs scored. He didn’t give up a run in 2 Innings pitched with no k’s.

182 of 230 - Micahel Allen

2022 : 12.83

Michael came in with a bang. When he first started playing Leroy his Facebook Profile pic boasted two babes strapped to his arms. The picture has since been taking down and no one knows why to this day. Michael played a huge role in the Greg’s win in the playoffs against the Sliders, hitting a couple dong shots as Pistol Pete’s first round replacement. He was then tossed over the debacle that was the Sluggers to play for Erik in a no win situation in the second round. Michael won the hearts of many this year and we can only hope to see him back at it next year. He went 3-9 in 2022 with a .273 Batting average a Homer and 6 RBI’s. He posted a 21.89 ERA with 7 k’s in 12 ⅓ Innings Pitched. With playoff experience we could see him go early 3rd round in the 2023 Draft.

181 of 230 - Mitch Ridder

2022 : 12.90

Oh Mitchy boy am i right. Dude brought nothing but energy this year. Went 2-1 with a .158 Batting average a Homer and 2 RBI’s. Posted 5 k’s in 4 Innings of work, with a 4.50 ERA.

180 of 230 - Matt Carona

2022 : 12.94

At one point the Riot and Fireballs spent all there Free agent money to sign Matt. After a random generator, the Fireballs won the bid and were ecstatic to welcome him aboard. The following week Matt messaged Carter he had to drive a car he just detailed to someone’s house. It was raining by the way. Matt was a crucial part in destroying the Fireballs 2022 Campaign. He went 2-8 in 10 Games played, had 3 Homers and 8 RBI’s. He posted a 21.75 ERA with 7 k’s in 8 Innings Pitched. I don’t see Carona going in the draft, if anything will be a late 3rd round scrub pick.

177 of 230 - Scott Collum

2022: 13.83

I am 90% sure i have a daughter his age. He was part of Marty’s infamous Daddy Platties weekend warriors. He was electric from the plate with 5 Solo Shots and a .340 Batting Average. He went 3-3 in 6 Games played and had 7 k’s in 8 ⅓ Innings Pitched. He posted a 21.60 ERA. Scott could be a fill in week and out, but it may be a couple years till we see a full time Scott.

168 of 230 - Noah Gudeman

2022: 14.70

Another son of Daddy Plattie Marty. Noah went 1-5 with 3 Homers and 5 RBI’s and a .342 Batting average. He posted 10 k’s in 8 Innings of work with a 18.00 ERA. Another potential future star if he puts in the time on finding consistency in the mound.

165 of 230 - Devon McCoy

2022 : 15.07

There are some people that you meet and you will never forget what they say to you. Devon was one of those people. It all started when Devon showed up wearing some intense pants with words written across his booty. I then brought those such pants up on a podcast with the discussion on if it is wrong for a man to look at said booty and try to figure out what is being said. The next week of Wiffle ball i was greeted with, “you checking out my ass?”. Devon was hard on himself, no put intended. He showed extreme growth when he got excited on the field and everyone enjoyed playing with him. Devon went 3-11 in 14 Games played with a .284 Batting average. He had 4 Homers and 11 RBI’s while posting a rough 20.25 ERA. He had 11 k’s in 13 ⅓ innings pitched, if he shows signs of being interested he will get drafted 2nd maybe early 3rd round.

161 of 230 - Colin Froedge

2022 : 15.29

Colin joins the liking up big names to come through Leroy from Colin Lautenbach all the way to

Colin Peters. Colin went 1-1 with a .467 Batting average and a solo shot. He posted 4 k’s in 2 Innings pitched which is very promising. He had a 9.00 ERA.

160 of 230 - Spencer Childress

2022: 15.43

2021: 14.71 (138th)

Spencer is the first non Rookie on the list. Moved 22 slots down which is almost as hard as a fall as he had when his leg twisted like a noodle on the hill this year. Hope to see him back out here with a full body brace next year. Spencer played a half a game where he went 0-1. Had 1 RBI and 3 hits in 4 at bats. He pitched ⅓ of an inning before getting replaced from yours truly after his leg twisted like a twizzler.

159 of 230 - Zach Brust

2022: 15.47

Zach aka Brusty is known for his pick off moves on the mound. He went 2-0 with a Homer and a .385 Batting average. He finished with 1 k in 2 innings pitched and a 9.00 ERA>

158 of 230 - Rocci Beebe

2022: 15.54

Brother of Kristen, we believe his parents enjoyed the Rocky movies. He went 1-1 with a .200 batting average and a homer. He had 3 k’s in 3 innings pitched with a 2.00 ERA. Solid numbers from the mound.

157 of 230 - Jesse Overholt

2022: 15.58

Jesse played 8 games this year going 4-4. He smashed 5 Homers and had 7 RBI’s and 16 runs scored. He posted a .426 batting average, but also a 21.60 ERA. He had 7 k’s in 8 ⅓ innings pitched. To the right owner he could be a good fill in piece as he slowly improves.

156 of 230 - Chris Fundich

2022: 15.74

2021: 15.83 (130th)

2020: 12.93 (126th)

Chris Fundich is pronounced with a hard H. Loved having him on the Riot for a couple games this year. Solid player who should cum out more and have some fun. Dropped 26 spots this year. He went 2-0 with the Riot sweeping the Unluckly Leps. Had a .111 batting average, but gave up no runs on the mound in 2 innings pitched.

154th of 230 - Josh Rubien

2022: 15.89

A catcher at heart, he piped Jared 14 times in a row at the plate once. His Tik Tok has all the ladies thirsty. He went 1-8 in 9 games with 0.316 batting average and 6 Homers with 12 RBI’s. He posted 8 k’s in 10 ⅔ innings pitched and a 23.06 ERA. With a good environment Josh could be a big factor for a team in 2023.

153rd of 230 - Matt Kimmel

2022: 15.91

2021: 17.11 (121st)

2020: 17.62 (103rd)

2019: 17.67 (89th)

Matt the cooler Kimmel came out for a few games this year. He still dropped 32 spots and his ranking fell down as he actually played worse than years previous. He went 0-2 with a 0.091 batting average. He pitched 2 shutout innings.

150th of 230 - Terry Henson

2022: 16.17

I believe his name is Terry. He was a great sport all year and we could tell he really enjoyed his time with the Liners. A part of the Liners playoff Roster, Terry went 8-10 on the year posting a .216 Batting average and 10 RBI’s. He had a 9.85 ERA with 11 k’s in 17 ⅔ innings pitched. Projected to be a third round pick we will see who takes a chance with Terry in 2023.

149th of 230 - Cassie Hinsey

2022: 16.37

Cassie took a 25 Pitch Homer off Pistol Pete and bat flipped to the moon after. She is currently ranked the #1 Female Wiffle Ball Player in Leroy passing the recently engaged Lauren Ashby. She went 1-1 with a .222 batting average and 3 Rbi’s. She didn’t give up a run in 2 innings pitched and had a k.

144th of 230 - Joe Topless

2022: 16.93

After being signed by the Riot, Joe purposely broke his foot so he could get put on IR. He went 3-1 in 4 games played with 4 Homers, 8 RBI’s and a .423 batting average. He posted 3 k’s in 4 innings pitched and a 18.00 ERA. If he is healthy and willing he could be a factor in the 2023 season.

143rd of 230 - Alex Sanders

2022: 17.15

Alex was one of the few rookies who showed some promise this year. Like many he struggled with control from the mound, but looked to get better week in and out. He went 4-7 with 7 Homers, 13 RBI’s and 17 runs with a .407 batting average. He had 3 k’s in 14 innings pitched sporting a 12.43 ERA. He is projected to go early 2nd round in the 2023 draft.

141st of 230 - Asher Birky

2022: 17.62

Asher is another young talent that we could see do big things in the future when he can drive. He went 1-5 and is available for the 2023 draft. He had 8 Homers, 11 RBi’s, and 9 runs scored. He posted a 19.71 ERA with 7 k’s in 7 Innings pitched.

140th of 230 - Ryan Galigher

2022: 17.63

2021: 16.90 (122nd)

Quote from Galigher to start the season, “Making Leroy full time this year”. Total games played -> 4. No one knows why Galigher ghosted Erik after just two weeks of the Leroy season. A big name that was one of the reasons the Sluggers season was one of the most embarrassing in league history. Ryan was a no show all year for Erik, but he did big things in ORWBL leading the Truffle Butter to their first Championship. He fell 18 spots to number 140 all time. He posted an impressive .190 batting average with only 1 homer in 4 games going 1-3. He had 5 k’s in 6 Innings pitched with a 3.00 ERA.

138th of 230 - Peter Clark

2022: 17.95

2021: 9.15 (176th)

2020: 8.74 (149th)

2019: 8.83 (133rd)

A season for the ages for Pete. Drafted last in the 2022 draft, Jackson kept him all year and Pistol played 26 games. The dedication from Pete was awesome to see, at one point playing in the hurricane this year in his work clothes and boots. With the Greg’s reaching the second round Pete got his first taste of playoff wiffle as they came up just short on advancing to the final four. He jumped up 38 spots this year and almost doubled his ranking. He went 8-18 with .182 batting average 1 RBI, and 11 Runs scored. He finished with 15 k’s in 24 ⅓ innings pitched and touted a 20.22 ERA. Jackson proved you can win with Pistol Pete and we look forward to seeing where he goes in 2023.

137th of 230 - Jake Boss

2022: 18.07

Jake had us in awe with his acrobatic moves on the diamond this year. A First time player who played 23 games and just enjoyed having a good time. It was a pleasure having him around and bragging rights between him and Pistol are his as he beats him out by a few ranking points for 137th all time. He went just 4 -19 this year with a .288 batting average. He posted 7 Homers, 14 RBi’s, and 17 runs scored with a 15.62 ERA from the mound. He had 10 k’s in 22 ⅔ innings pitched. He looks to be an early 3rd round pick in the 2023 draft.

134th of 230 - Adam Strombeck

2022: 18.24

Adam has a heart of Gold and we saw that on the bases. Injury problems kept him out of every week but 2 this year. He went 2-2 with 5 Homers, 10 RBI’s and 7 Runs scored. He served up 3 k’s in 4 innings pitched with a 7.50 ERA. If he shows interest in 2023 he could become a solid 2 or 3 for a team when he gets some consistency under his belt.

132nd of 230 - Austin Howell

2022: 18.85

Austin played 2 games. He went 1-1 with a .714 batting average. He posted 4 Homers, 5 RBi’s and 8 Runs scored in those two games, but had just 1 k in 2 innings pitched with a 18.00 ERA.

131st of 230 - Adam Walters

2022: 18.95

Adam went 4-0 with 9 Homers, 15 RBi’s and 17 runs scored. He posted a .524 batting average from the plate in dominant fashion. His pitching was rough with 3 k’s in 4 ⅔ innings pitched. He had a 24.43 ERA.

128th of 230 - Micah Hescott

2022: 19.55

2021: 17.44 (118th)

2020: 18.12 (99th)

2019: 17.48 (91st)

2018: 13.13 (87th)

2017: 8.69 (67th)

Micah played a couple games for the Sluggers and dominated. It’s a shame we didn’t see more of that throughout his career. Posting a .615 batting average he went 2-0 with 4 Homers, 10 RBi’s and 7 runs scored. He also shined from the mound with 2 k’s in 2 innings pitched and 3.00 ERA. He finished with his highest ranking to date at 19.55, but fell 10 spots to 128th all time. After tying the knot this past fall we plan on seeing more of him around next year.

127th of 230 - Joel Birky

2022: 19.65

2021: 11.34 (159th)

2020: 11.54 (135th)

A better wiffle ball player than fantasy football player for sure. Joel was destroyed by my team in fantasy after he claimed I had the “worst drafted team he ever saw”. He made some waves this year playing with the Bandits in the playoffs and reaching the final 8. He jumped up 32 spots to 127th. He finished the year 7-3 in 10 games with a .429 batting average. Joel had 6 Homers, 15 RBI’s, and 18 Runs scored. He posted 11 k’s in 10 ⅔ innings pitched with a 9.56 ERA. Joel could be a solid 3 for a team come 2023 expect a late 2nd round pick for Joel.

126th of 230 - Noah Keift

2022: 19.67

Noah fought through one of the worst playoff scenarios to date. Jordan risked it all to sign Austin Gibson and ended up losing Brett Detmar which led to late end of the year signings of Robby and Noah. Noah looked like the leader of the Sliders in the opening playoff series which saw Robby and Jordan’s chemistry depleted after the transaction. Noah could be an early 2nd round pick with his salary vs potential. He went 2-8 with a .551 batting average. He had 13 Homers, 24 RBi’s and 24 Runs scored. He threw 5 k’s in 11 innings pitched with a 24.55 ERA.

125th of 230 - Josh Trim

2022: 19.74

A great wiffle ball talent who bailed on the Panda’s end of the year. A long drive from South Bend was too much for him and threw away what could have been one of the best rookie campaigns in Leroy. He may make a return if put in the right situation, he went 8-8 last year with a .247 batting average. He had 6 Homers, 18 RBI’s and 13 runs scored. He finished with 26 k’s from the mound in 19 ⅓ innings pitched sporting a 6.21 ERA.

118th of 230 - Nick Mikash

2022: 21.02

Nick was signed right away after subbing for a few weeks. His inconsistency with being available hurt his ability to stay with one team. With a busy sports schedule he may be better suited for a fill in role again in 2023. He went 6-6 in 12 games with 17 Homers, 24 RBI’s, and 26 Runs scored. Nick had a .427 Batting average matched to his 18.49 ERA. He had 9 k’s in 12 ⅓ innings pitched. He Nick goes in the draft it may be a late 2nd round, but most likely 3rd round pick.

117th of 230 - Josh Vis

2022: 21.11

2021: 7.15 (182nd)

Josh played 12 games in his 2022 campaign and was signed by the Fireballs. He Jumped 65 spots and tripled his ranking this year in a great sophomore campaign. He went 7-5 with a .400 batting average. He knocked out 12 homers with 27 RBi’s and 25 Runs scored. Josh threw 10 k’s in 15 innings pitched and finished with a 10.80 ERA. He is projected to be a mid 2nd round pick in 2023.

115th of 230 - Dylan Polak

2022: 21.17

Starting off his career at the 115 mark. He was signed by the Narwhals in a horrible move that kept him off the Riot. His season numbers plummeted and fast when he became Noble. He then was shipped to the Sluggers to become the 50th player for Erik in the playoffs. We hope to see him come back to a more stable environment next year. He finished with a 5-7 record, posted 14 Homers, 23 RBi’s and 22 Runs scored. He threw 9 k’s in 15 innings pitched with a 7.60 ERA. If a full time season is in order we could end up seeing Dylan go late first round early 2nd.

113th of 230 - Zach Huisman

2022: 21.42

2021: 20.98 (103rd)

2020: 21.44 (87th)

2019: 22.17 (72nd)

2018: 22.71 (63rd)

2017: 10.80 (61st)

A shocking return for Huisman this year out of nowhere. It was just two games, but i think he had his fill after taking a Robby Zandstra fastball to the face in his first at bat in a handful of years. It was good to see the former Trucker back on the mound. He fell 10 spots to 113th all time. He went 1-1 with a .154 batting average. He threw 2 k’s in 4 innings of shut out work giving up just 1 hit in those four innings.

111th of 230 - Landon Garret

2022: 21.49

2021: 18.16 (115th)

Landon has proven he can play, but not being able to drive has hurt his ability to become a steady force in Leroy. He went 4-0 with 6 Homers, 12 RBI’s and 12 runs. He finished with 4 k’s in 4 innings pitched and a 7.50 ERA. He could be a surprise pick if an owner an get him to come out on a regular basis.

108th of 230 - Andrew Karsten

2022: 21.66

Andrew played 2 games going 1-1. Finished with 3 Homers a .500 batting average and 7 RBI’s. His pitching was alright with 3 k’s in 2 innings pitched and a 15.00 ERA.

106th of 230 - Fletcher Bandstra

2022: 23.33

2021: 14.82 (136th)

Fletcher talked all winter last year about being a full time player. When the season began one of the excuses for not coming was he had family dinner. The blatant disrespect for the Riot was shown when he refused to play for them and then led the Liners to an undefeated Saturday Tournament with Caleb not playing. Dude can ball and moved up 30 spots with just playing four games this year. Went 4-0 with 13 Homers, 21 RBi’s and 21 Runs scored in those four games. He had 8 k’s in 8 innings pitched and finished with very impressive 6.00 ERA. His high salary might hurt his chances of getting drafted, but he will be on a playoff team if he shows interest.

105th of 230 - Colin Babcock

2022: 23.36

Colin had a hell of a rookie year and got some great playoff action with the maniacs this year. Playing 22 games he starts out in 105th overall. If he shows signs of wanting to play again, he may be one to look out for early on in the draft. He went 14-8 with a .503 batting average. He knocked 20 homers out of the park with 36 RBi’s and 44 runs scored. He had 15 k’s in 21 ⅔ innings pitched with a 14.95 ERA.

101st of 230 - Owen Winters

2022: 23.90

2021: 24.75 (86th)

2020: 25.65 (71st)

2019: 26.25 (64th)

Owen played just two games in his 2022 campaign and because of it he dropped 15 spots and out of the top 100. He went 1-1 with a .417 batting average and 4 runs scored. He had a k in 2 innings pitched with a 9.00 ERA.

100th of 230 - Jeremy Ross

2022: 24.11

2021: 17.23 (120th)

2020: 17.77 (102nd)

2019: 18.17 (85th)

2018: 18.43 (68th)

A return from the military showed no signs of affecting his play on the field. A must sought after free agent for most of the season until a 15 hour work day pushed him off the bandits. He jumped 20 spots and sits 100th all time going into 2023. He was a winner in 2022 going 9-1 with 9 Homers, 19 RBi’s and 21 Runs scored. Jeremy finished with 12 k’s in 13 innings pitched sporting a 6.92 ERA. Could be a wild card pick for someone come 2023.

99th out of 230 - Gabe Vanrockel

2022: 24.13

Gabe played for the Liners and was a stud in just two games of play. Hitting 9 homers, with 11 RBi’s and a .619 batting average. He went 2 -0 with 18.00 era and 2 k’s in 3 innings of work.

95th out of 230 - Tyler Shumpert

2022: 25.35

Tyler went 3-1 on the year with 14 homers and 22 RBi’s in just those 4 games. He had a .526 batting average while also sporting a 9.00 era. He had 6 k’s in 6 innings pitched. With a high salary he may be a late 3rd round pick or go undrafted as team’s wait for his salary to drop.

93rd out of 230 - CJ Hardy

2022: 25.65

CJ is the highest ranked player for the 2022 Class. He helped the bandits beat the defending champs while posting 8 wins against his 6 losses. He finished with a .612 batting average, 20 Homers, 37 RBi’s, adn 37 runs scored. He was solid from the mound with 15 k’s in 15 innings and a 8.04 ERA in his rookie campaign. With a high salary and no commitment we may see him go undrafted, but if he’s returning he will find a home quick.

91st out of 230 - David Dravet

2022: 25.87

2021: 13.68 (147th)

In just his second year he was a staple for the Badgers and their shocking run to the Championship game. He had a hell of a year and played through a torn ACL for Jared the slave driver. He jumped 56 spots and into the top 100 playing 27 games. He went 16-11 with a .320 batting average. He knocked 12 Homers and had 22 RBI’s as well as 36 runs scored. A solid 21 k’s in 29 ⅓ innings pitched led to a 11.66 ERA from the mound. A solid player who has proven he can go the distance, expect him to go mid 2nd in the 2023 draft.

84th out of 230 - Krischtin Beebe

2022: 27.96

2021: 10.63 (166th)

Krischtin was tossed from team to team this year and ended up leading the Masonless Kreampies into the death bracket. He laid it all on the line in the hurricane game but came up just short in a spectacular season playing 21 games. Krischtin looks to be a sure first round draft pick this year if he shows interest in a second full season. He moved up 82 spots from 2021. He went 13-8 on the year sporting a .489 batting average, 15 Homers, 32 RBi’s and 46 runs scored. The most overlooked is his performance on the mound. He threw 37 k’s in 27 innings with a dominant 2.22 ERA

82nd out of 230 - Owen Satowski

2022: 28.72

2021: 19.48 (109th)

For a second straight year an ORWBL slow pitch player has won a Championship in Leroy. Owen hit big homers for the Platties and dove over the fence breaking his necklace and bruising his side. He fought from week 1 with Marty and Co. and played 22 games this year going 16-6. He moved 27 spots in the Rankings and finished with a .329 batting average from the plate. He knocked 20 out of the park with 43 RBi’s and 32 runs scored. He had 20 k’s in 27 innings pitched posted a 6.00 ERA.

78th out of 230 - Austin Gibson

2022: 29.33

2021: 28.41 (71st)

2020: 27.68 (68th)

2019: 29.04 (54th)

2018: 28.27 (48th)

2017: 28.50 (36th)

2016: 18.27 (32nd)

2015: 21.80 (26th)

2014: 27.07 (21st)

The Former Home Run Derby Champion continues to play only a handful of games a year. A player who could be in MVP talks if he gave his all every year, Austin drops 7 spots to 78th all time, but bumps his ranking up to 29.33 an all time high for him in 9 years. He went 2-2 in 2022 with a .370 batting average adn a 12.57 ERA. He had 6 Homers and 10 RBi’s from the dish. If the right team can get him to come he is a shoe in for a 2nd round pick.

77th out of 230 - Owen Garavalia

2022: 29.35

2021: 22.55 (94th)

Some say the better of the 2 Garavalia’s, Owen played 19 games in his 2022 season and jumped 17 spots to 77th all time. A young cat who could make his name on the league for years to come. He finished going 10-9 with a .384 batting average. He hit 19 homers with 27 RBi’s and 35 runs scored. He finished with 13 k’s in 17 ⅓ innings pitched and a 12.46 ERA.

76th out of 230 - Sam Satowski

2022: 29.47

2021: 25.88 (82nd)

Sam was 82nd last year and that’s where his brother sits now. Although Sam doesn’t have a Championship to his name after Owen knocked him out of the playoffs, Sam does have bragging rights being 6 spots ahead in the Rankings. Playing just 13 games this year he swent 6-7 with .397 batting average. He slung 13 over the fence with 20 RBI’s. His mound performance included a 12.00 ERA with 13 k’s in 15 innings pitched.

73rd out of 230 - Jeremy Ratajczyk

2022: 32.24

2021: 31.45 (60th)

2020: 26.59 (67th)

2019: 26.75 (62nd)

2018: 18.80 (67th)

One of the biggest names in the National Wiffle Ball scene, the Griffle Ball founder may have played his last games in Leroy. After moving to Detroit its seems his wiffle ball days in Indiana may be done. He drops 13 spots to 73rd all time in Ranking playing just 3 games this year after getting drafted by Tyler again. He went 1-2 with a .556 batting average, 2 Homers and 8 RBI’s. He threw 10 k’s on the mound in just 3 ⅔ innings pitched with a 3.27 ERA.

72nd out of 230 - Brett Schoettle

2022: 33.13

2021: 18.24 (114th)

Brett has a dominant arm and unhittable pitch if he can get it under control. He found a home on the Pandas and was a few outs away from beating the eventual Champion Platties. He jumps 42 spots this year playing 29 games. Brett posted a .474 batting average with 33 homers, 68 RBI’s and 57 Runs scored going 17-12. He threw for 30 k’s in 36 ⅔ innings pitched with a 7.69 ERA. Projections show him going first round this year.

70th out of 230 - Alex Eenigenburg

2022: 33.75

2021: 21.97 (95th)

Alex moves up 25 spots in a great sophomore campaign. He dials up 22 homers, 43 RBI’s and 39 runs in 22 games this year, yet is considered by many on going corn to be quote “Not a power hitter”. He went 12-10 on the year with 25 k’s in 27 ⅓ innings pitched. He finished with a 5.93 ERA and could go late first, early 2nd in 2023 Draft.

68th out of 230 - Jeremy Tillema

2022: 34.37

2021: 16.54 (126th)

This is certainly the way. After finding a home on the Mandalorians, the ref shined all year and shut many people up. He jumps 58 spots in his second year with a quick lefty swing that has surprise power. He posted 40 Homers, 82 RBI’s and 71 Runs scored in a hell of a performance from the plate. Jeremy went 21-13 on the year and had some mild success on the mound with 21 k’s in 38 ⅔ innings pitched and a 10.24 ERA. He showed he can be a big help to any team, but with rumblings he may be an owner, he may have to prove more people wrong in his ability to lead a successful wiffle franchise.

67th out of 230 - Chris Bartley

2022: 34.95

2021: 26.79 (76th)

2020: 24.52 (78th)

2019: 23.69 (60th)

Chris was reunited with Jackson and Voges this year and he showed what happens when them three play together. A walk off Homer from Chris sent the Sliders home and gave the Gregs and Jackson their first playoff series win as a franchise. He jumped just 9 spots this year, but increased his ranking by almost 8 points in a 19 game season. He finished with a 12-7 record and posted a .433 batting average with 10 Homers, 20 RBi’s and 31 Runs scored. He was impressive from the mound with 41 k’s in 24 innings pitched and a 3.50 ERA.

66th out of 230 - Zach Christy

2022: 35.09

2021: 24.26 (89th)

Some players have played years in Leroy and never even reached the Championship. He won it in his Rookie year in 2021. After playing for one of the most winningest Franchises’, he was drafted by one of the most losingest Franchises. The Assassins gave it there all in a trench fight with the Maniacs and fell just short in the opening round. He dumps 23 spots to 66th all time in Leroy History. He finished with a 13-13 record and a .549 batting average with 25 Homers, 44 RBi’s and 57 Runs scored. He threw for 29 k’s in 32 ⅓ innings pitched with a 10.58 ERA. A for sure first/early second round pick in 2023.

65th out of 230 - Mike Kubacki Jr.

2022: 35.90

2021: 33.16 (57th)

2020: 23.86 (79th)

2019: 17.27 (94th)

How close are Mike and Zach in the rankings, almost as close as they were to making a play on the ball they both refused to get in the opening round playoff series. A picture that will be apart of Leroy forever. Kubacki comes off a failed Caleb experiment in 2021 and reentered the draft. After going to the Narwhals he retired mid season only to un retire and come play for the Assassins after being dropped by Greg. Mike’s ranking goes up a couple spots, but he falls 8 slots to 65th all time. He went 4-7 this year with a .343 batting average. He had 6 Homers and 12 RBI’s and runs scored. Mike threw 11 k’s in 10 ⅓ innings pitched with a 19.16 ERA. Time will tell if he comes out of retirement number 2 to make another run.

64th out of 230 - Andrew Felde

2022: 35.92

2021: 35.99 (51st)

2020: 36.83 (46th)

2019: 39.73 (37th)

2018: 23.44 (61st)

Felde had one of the best pitching seasons in 2019 leading the Barnstormers to a Championship performance. It was a huge surprise to see him come out to the Saturday Tournament and play through some tough rain and wind. He dropped 13 spots but it was great to see the legend back in action even if he went 0-3. He had a Homer and posted a .476 batting average. He also had some vintage pitching moments getting 4 k’s in 5 innings pitched with a 14.40 ERA.

62nd out of 230 - Timmy Angel

2022: 37.20

2021: 29.29 (68th)

2020: 19.04 (97th)

Timmy moves up 6 spots playing 21 games in his 2022 campaign. The p star himself looks to become a staple to the league moving forward and a high end draft pick, year in and year out. He went 8-13 last year with a .467 batting average, 23 Homers, and 44 RBI’s and Runs scored. He threw 22 k’s in 22 innings pitched with a 14.18 ERA.

61st out of 230 - Taylor Boice

2022: 37.36

2021: 26.46 (80th)

Taylor moves up 19 spots in his second year in the league. A very rough start to the season put him on the trade market multiple times before landing on the Kreampies. Taylor went 11-11 on the year with a .510 batting average, 22 Homers, 45 RBi’s and 50 runs scored. His pitching took a slight step back finishing with 36 k’s in 30 innings pitched and a 7.00 ERA. With talks he may become and owner in 2023 we may see what Taylor has in store in his next chapter.

60th out of 230 - Jake Osburn

2022: 37.85

2021: 21.73 (98th)

A controversial slow pitch was the talk coming from many this year when Jake was running second to Caleb all year. He jumps up 38 spots in the Ranking and was a huge part in the success of the Liners all year. He went 18-11 with a .357 average, 13 Homers, 31 RBI’s and 48 Runs scored. He threw for 53 k’s in 40 innings pitched with a 5.25 ERA. Jak should be a

58th out of 230 - Derek Radek

2022: 38.86

2021: 27.52 (74th)

Derek played 23 games for the Mandalorians in his sophomore season. He jumps up 16 spots in the all time ranking to 58th and is starting to make a name for himself in the Leroy scene. After representing Leroy in the 2021 National team, Derek is a dynamic three way player that will be drafted first round every year he wants to play. He went 16-7 on his 2022 Campaign with 19 Homers, 42 RBi’s and 55 Runs scored. He threw for 44 k’s in 32 innings with a 6.75 ERA.

55th out of 230 - Tyler Walk

2022: 40.22

2021: 29.57 (65th)

2020: 21.31 (89th)

2019: 15.45 (105th)

2018: 8.60 (103rd)

He is a National Champion as a manager, yet one of the worst in Leroy. In 2022 he killed the Tacos and brought in the Assassins and changed the trajectory of his managerial history in Leroy. A great season not only as manager, but as a player as he jumps up 10 more spots, and bumps up his ranking 10 points. Tyler goes 10-15 on the year with 19 Homers, 36 RBi’s and 35 runs scored, all career highs. He posted 21 k’s in 26 ⅔ innings with a 10.80 ERA. Tyler will enter the draft this year and will focus on being a player 100%. With manager experience he could be a huge asset to anyone who picks him up.

54th out of 230 - Cole Deardroff

2022: 40.60

2021: 30.93 (62nd)

2020: 20.13 (94th)

2019: 10.99 (124th)

Cole was the ace for the Maniacs going into the playoffs and he played like it. Playing 20 games in 2022 he moves up 8 spots in the ranking and now sits 54th all time. Cole went 12-8 with a .433 batting average hitting 26 Homers, 51 RBI’s and 43 runs scored. He threw 38 k’s in 25 innings and posted a 3.84 ERA.

53rd out of 230 - Nathan Owensby

2022: 40.63

2021: 23.09 (92nd)

Nathan became his own in 2022, owning the Blazin’ Bandits. He shocked many with a playoff win over the defending champs, and although making some horrible moves as a manager he finished out on a good season. He passed on owning a team in 2023, but look to see him be a very important piece to any team with the way his performance improved. He jumped 39 spots this year to 53rd all time and is only looking up after just graduating high school. Nathan went 21-13 on the year with 36 Homers, 64 RBi’s and 78 Runs scored with a .455 batting average. He threw for 44 k’s in 44 innings pitched and a 8.86 ERA.

51st out of 230 - Luke Hillegonds

2022: 52.74

2021: 31.56 (59th)

2020: 25.53 (73rd)

2019: 19.58 (81st)

This dog has finally eaten. Luke stays with the Platties all year and gets to drink out of the trophy. He jumps 8 spots this years and over 20 ranking points playing 24 games. Luke posted a .491 batting average with 17 Homers, 33 RBi’s and 45 runs score going 18-6 on the year. He threw for 26 k’s in 27 ⅔ innings with a respectable 5.64 ERA. In an competitive environment Luke proved to pull through and get it done only adding value to his draft pick come 2023.

With that being said we will enter the top 50 Players going into 2023. I will post all 50 not just the players who played this year. Lets start it off.

50th out of 230 - Shane Anderson

2022: 42.98

2021: 44.57 (41st)

2020: 46.00 (33rd)

2019: 42.09 (31st)

2018: 39.79 (26th)

2017: 28.83 (30th)

Shane hasn’t played since 2020, he was a force when here and was a huge factor in the legendary Free Agent Otters upset over the Dutch Ovens. Always welcome back to Leroy we may never see Shane again, and he will fall out of the top 50 after the 2023 season.

49th out of 230 - Austin Warner

2022: 43.64

2021: 44.40 (42nd)

2020: 45.42 (35th)

2019: 44.09 (27th)

2018: 36.56 (31st)

2017: 28.70 (32nd)

2016: 9.59 (41st)

2015: 10.97 (36th)

2014: 12.92 (32nd)

Austin made Flyin cool before the Fireballs. The former Hawaiian owner made it out for a couple games this year before getting back to traveling the world. He drops to 49th all time the lowest he has been in his career and looks to get bumped out of the top 50 unless he comes back on a more consistent basis. He plated just two games this year without registering a hit in ten at bats, but also threw 2 scoreless innings for the Narwhals as well.

48th out of 230 - Mason Capouch

2022: 44.14

2021: 30.51 (63rd)

2020: 23.42 (80th)

2019: 16.99 (96th)

Mason jumped into the top 50 and started to make a name for himself in the Leroy scene. After years of being known as the player who sat in left field with a sombrero he is now know as the sizzling kreampie. He posted 31 Homers, 56 RBI’s and 53 runs in 2022, which totalled more that what he had the last two years combined. He had a career high .530 batting average from the plate but struggled finding talent to help him out going 8-18 on the year. He thew 65 k’s on the year leading the league for most of it and finished with a 7.01 ERA in 37 ⅔ innings pitched. Mason will be back as an owner next season.

47th out of 230 - Chandler Kimmel

2022: 44.59

2021: 29.84 (64th)

2020: 25.89 (70th)

2019: 18.06 (86th)

2018: 12.67 (89th)

Chandler was drafted by the Mandalorians and fit the locker room chemistry immediately. Jon Lytle brought the best out of Chandler who posted career highs in almost every category. He belted 41 of his 60 career homers last year, had 83 RBI’s and 69 runs score with a .467 batting average. He threw for 42 k’s in 35 ⅓ innings pitched with a very respectable 6.96 ERA from the mound. Chandler looks to be a late first/early second round pick and can show what happens when you put him on a competitive team to thrive.

46th out of 230 - Tony Lucitio

2022: 45.17

2021: 46.72 (40th)

2020: 38.71 (42nd)

2019: 27.21 (58th)

Tony was drafted by the Squint Sluggers in 2022 and never played a game. He played 3 seasons from 2019-2021. Time will tell if we will ever see Tony back out on the diamond.

45th out of 230 - Andrew Sitter

2022: 45.42

2021: 47.02 (39th)

2020: 48.34 (29th)

2019: 50.48 (20th)

2018: 53.68 (18th)

2017: 49.71 (15th)

2016: 44.07 (9th)

2015: 34.08 (17th)

2014: 38.50 (10th)

One of the original 35, he also was part of the first ever Leroy national team in 2016. Last season in 2020, sitter was a triple threat throughout the years.

44th out of 230 - Jason Lamont

2022: 45.83

2021: 35.03 (53rd)

2020: 14.32 (122nd)

Jason was the face of the Riot last year, he has played 60 Career games and all have them have been with either the sluggers or riot. Jason went 7-14 last year posting 19 Homers, 33 RBi’s and 32 Runs scored. He had a career year from the mound with a 1.12 ERA and striking out 63 in 32 Innings pitched. He is a shoe in for a first round pick again in 2023.

43rd out of 230 - Tyler Van Kuiken

2022: 46.36

2021: 37.27 (49th)

2020: 30.92 (53rd)

2019: 21.00 (77th)

Tyler had a career year joining up with Caleb and the Liners. He went 17-6 with with 24 Homers, 43 RBi’s and 48 Runs. He finished with a 8.25 ERA and 26 k’s in 27 ⅔ innings pitched. A potential first round pick in 2023 again.

42nd out of 230 - Carter VanderGriend

2022: 46.71

2021: 34.76 (54th)

2020: 25.47 (74th)

2019: 15.23 (106th)

CVG has his first ownership year under his belt, and he learned alot. He went 9-23 on the year with a .273 batting average, 18 Homers, 30 RBi’s and 31 Runs scored. He had 37 k’s in 37 ⅓ innings pitched with a 11.73 ERA. Battling injuries late in the year the Fireballs came up short in the death bracket. They will make a return in 2023 with alot a side piece holding CVG back.

41st out of 230 - Zach Hise

2022: 48.83

2021: 36.28 (50th)

2020: 27.27 (65th)

2019: 26.73 (63rd)

You know what your getting with Zach, a big bat with an effortless mound performance. He belted 45 Homers with 73 RBI’s and 56 runs scored in his 2022 campaign. He went 7-29 on the year playing for 6 of the 16 teams this year at one point. He threw 24 k’s in 40 ⅔ innings pitched with a 16.23 ERA on the year and his big bat will come in handy for multiple teams next year.

40th out of 230 - Cameron Varlan

2022: 50.22

2021: 52.08 (31st)

2020: 53.69 (74th)

2019: 44.86 (25th)

2018: 25.71 (52nd)

Cameron retired right when he starting taking the league by storm. Last seen in 2020 we all miss his luscious mustache.

39th out of 230 - Elijah Richardson

2022: 50.64

2021: 33.84 (56th)

2020: 28.02 (58th)

2019: 22.03 (74th)

2018: 15.93 (76th)

2017: 16.28 (50th)

Wiffle Tex played 43 games last year helping him move up 17 slots this year to 39th. He went 26-17 on the year and played in his first Championship with the Badgers. He belted 14 Homers this year, 39 RBi’s and 60 runs scored. He had 28 k’s in 44 ⅓ innings pitched with a 7.58 ERA. A solid contributor on the back side of a lineup, he fit into the Badger mentality and helped them make a deep run.

38th out of 230 - Jim Tucker

2022: 50.84

2021: 52.80 (29th)

2020: 48.68 (28th)

2019: 41.15 (33rd)

2018: 31.94 (37th)

Jim was one of the guys you loved being around. He had the perfect combination of serious and fun when playing and managing in Leroy. After moving away we hope to see him come back for a series or tournament here or there in the future. The Barnstormer name will always have a place in Leroy History.

37th out of 230 - Alec Gerlach

2022: 52.95

2021: 52.98 (27th)

2020: 54.57 (21st)

2019: 46.93 (23rd)

2018: 34.74 (32nd)

Alec left the scene almost as quick as he was put on it. After becominig a dominant three way player in the league he left. Last seen in 2020 with the Sluggers, Alec leaves a career of what if’s behind.

36th out of 230 - James Haworth

2022: 52.95

2021: 55.23 (25th)

2020: 56.19 (20th)

2019: 50.28 (21st)

2018: 33.47 (33rd)

2017: 14.29 (57th)

James is part of the most historic moment in Wiffle History. He was married right on here on Leroy grounds a few years back and it will be a memory many of us will never forget. James was last seen in 2021 when he suffered a massive injury in week 1 for the Walking Tacos. James played for 6 teams in 2017 before winning back to back championships with the Liners then Sluggers in 2018 and 2019. He proved his ability in this league and has the talent to be successful in this style of play.

35th out of 230 - Jon Lytle