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Leroy Wiffle Association

Indiana Wiffle Classic

The Indiana Wiffle Classic will have its inaugural tournament in less than a month. So let's get the basics down first.

Date: Friday, July 20 (Social Event at Night) & Saturday July 21

Cost: $15 a Person

Rules: Leroy Hybrid Style

Prize: $120 to First place team.

Not only is the style a very unique style that emphasizes every aspect of the game, but the tournament format will be unique as well.

This will be a 12 Team Tournament, each team will be made up of 2 Leroy Players and 2 Non Leroy Players.

Leroy Players will sign up individually and will be matched with another Leroy player based on the player's current salary in Leroy. Non Leroy Players will sign up as a pair. The first 24 Leroy players to sign up and pay will have their team's determined the week of the tournament. Then on Friday night we will select the draft order at random using wiffle balls out of a bucket. Then the Leroy Pairs will draft Non Leroy pairs to their team.

It will be a fun way to learn the Leroy style, get to know other players, yet still have someone you know on your team.

For more information contact Greg Gierling or Caleb Jonkman. It's a first pay first serve situation. Make sure to register HERE. Be sure to Venmo Greg $15 after registering.

As of today we already have 10 of the 24 Leroy spots filled as well as 6 of the 12 Non Leroy pairs already signed up. You won't want to miss being part of the inagural year of something that will continue to grow year after year!!

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