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Leroy Wiffle Association

S5:W2 Who went where?

Week 2 in Leroy is similar to the trade deadline in most sports. With new players needing 4 games played to get signed by a team a handful of players we’re available this week. The league saw 8 players get signed and released today. As for the games, well this time the weather was great for wiffle ball as we started the night thanking Sam Staal and Jared Jonkman for all the hard work in leading the grounds committee this past offseason to make Leroy home to the best Wiffle Complex in the Nation. So let’s get into it!

Batting Average: 0.404 Season Average (0.428)

Slugging Percentage: 0.839 Season Average (0.896)

Homers: 55 Season Average (62.5)

Runs: 134 Season Average (146.5)

Strikeouts: 139 Season Average (148)

Hits: 196 Season Average (213)

At Bats: 485 Season Average (497.5)

E.R.A.: 8.35 Season Average (9.20)

Innings Pitched: 96 1/3 Season Average (95.5)

Things started to slowly get back to normal with averages getting closer to 0.400. We saw dips in every category except innings pitched from week one.

Player of the Week - #13 Caleb Jonkman (Lake County Liners)

Caleb hasn’t got the power to get going yet, but he went 11 for 14 including 9 RBI’s and 8 runs to help the Liners stay undefeated through 4 games. He pitched 3 shutout innings with 7 k’s and a save.

Batter of the Week - #3 Erik Detmar (Squint’s Sluggers)

Erik is well known for his pitching, but he got the bats to click this week. He went 11 for 16 with 3 Homers and 13 RBI’s. He posted a 0.688/1.563 line and had 2 doubles to go with a triple to help his team dominate the Narwhals 23-0. His Sluggers sit 2-1 through 2 weeks.

Pitcher of the Week - #5 Jackson Buzea (Free Agent)

Jackson played for the Leroy Clams in Week 2 dominating from the mound pitching 3 shutout innings with 8 k’s and a save. He helped the Clams grab 2 more wins including another T.V. Game victory. Jackson now has a Batter of the Week and Pitcher of the Week to his name in just 2 weeks of playing. #benoble

Let’s dive into who is hot and who is not in week 2.


1. #28 Shane Anderson (Flyin’ Hawaiians)

Shane looked like his early 2017 self this week going 7 for 13 with 4 Homers and 8 RBI’s without a strikeout from the plate. He is currently tied for 3rd in Home Runs in the league with 6. He pitched 2 Innings giving up 2 runs with 3 k’s and got a win. Hopefully a wave doesn’t put out this fire.

2. #18 Robby Zandstra (Sultans of Soy)

Robby made his 2018 debut this week and team wise things weren’t that great, but he had a stellar vintage Robby week. Going 6 for 11 from the plate with 3 Solo Homers to go with 6 runs on the day. He also pitched 2 shutout innings grabbing 4 k’s from the mound.


1. #22 Lucas Miedema (Sultans of Soy)

As hot as Robby was, Lucas was in an ice bath. Lucas made his 2018 debut as well coming off being drafted with the #2 overall pick, he had 4 hits in 12 at bats which is respectable but had 4 k’s from the plate as well. He gave up 5 homers from the mound and 7 runs total getting a loss on the day. He had only 3 k’s in 13 batters faced.

2. #19 Jordan Mosel (Backdoor Sliders)

The Sliders are slowly sliding down right now with out their #5 pick. Jordan needs to pick up the slack and he hasn’t. This week he went 2 for 12 with 4 k’s, no RBI’s and 2 more losses on the night. He gave up 2 runs on the mound in 3 innings pitched, but things are looking rough for Jordan early in the year.

Team Power Rankings

  1. 145.94 Lake County Liners (4-0): Caleb Jonkman and the Traffic Cones have grabbed 2 wins yet again. This week was a little tougher winning by 1, and winning in extra’s. The Liners have released Samantha Gromala as of today and have signed Jason Hillegonds who will make his Liner’s debut on Facebook Live.

  2. 139.89 Squint’s Sluggers (2-1): Erik Detmar and Garret Lytle demolished the Narwhals in a 23-0 slashing this past week, and followed it up with a tough loss to rival Corn Bombers. Luke Prince looks to make his 2018 debut, as well as Robert Warren making his debut for the Sluggers after being traded this week from the Narwhals.

  3. 133.65 Bushleague Badgers (2-1): The Badgers had just one matchup in Week 2 and it went into extras. The Badgers needed 6 innings to get the win against the Corn Bombers in a rematch from last year’s Championship. The Badgers released Ryan Barnes who had a last inning homer to tie the game this past week. They have signed Brian Travis as the team’s number 3 moving forward.

  4. 131.76 Leroy Clams (3-1): Matt Dykstra was hit by numerous penalties yet again with his whole team not showing up this week. He was drafted Jackson Buzea and Kyle Schaaf which helped him grab 2 more wins early in the year. With attendance uncertainties the Clams have released Andrew Sitter and have signed Ryan Barnes in a shocking move. The two were seen exchanging words in last year’s Quarter Final playoffs.

  5. 129.80 Diamond Dusters (3-1): Alex Friedman made his 2018 debut and showed up for week 2. He helped the Duster’s split and almost grab a win against the Liners losing in extra’s. The Duster’s have released Griffin Smith and Elijah Richardson. They signed Samantha Gromala and Kyle Reynhout.

  6. 123.97 Sultans of Soy (2-2): Robby Zandstra had his whole squad show up and things didn’t go as planned. The Sultans took losses to both the Clams and Liners this week. Robby currently sits over the salary cap limit, but did not make any moves this week hoping to see his salary cap rise throughout the next couple weeks.

  7. 122.70 Flyin’ Hawaiians (2-2): The Hawaiians let a game slip against the Dusters in the first slot, to recover and dominate the Narwhals in the 2nd game. Austin had everyone in Leroy talking as he dropped both Kyle Reynhout and Shane Anderson after this week’s games. He signed rookies Jim Tucker and Cameron Varlan in hopes of beefing up his pitching moving forward.

  8. 117.94 Leroy Truckers (1-2): The monkey is off the Trucker’s bat. Jack came alive from the plate and they shutout the Backdoor Sliders to get their first win of the year.

  9. 115.32 Corn Bombers (1-3): The defending Champs have looked lost out there this year. Colin Lautenbach moved his exams to make sure he was present and it was crucial for the Bombers to get their first win. Brett let Erik know he was the big brother yet can’t seem to beat anyone else. Aaron Barnes will not be present for the season making Brett make a decision. He released Aaron Barnes and signed Kyle Zuidema.

  10. 102.02 Backdoor Sliders (0-3): Things aren’t looking good for the Sliders right now taking a loss on Facebook live and following it up with a shutout against the Truckers. Jordan didn’t make any moves hoping to get Jon to make his 2018 debut in week 3.

  11. 90.04 Noble Narwhals (0-4): The Narwhals gave up 20+ runs for the 2nd time this season in just 4 games. Greg has totally disassembled his roster, trading Robert Warren to the Sluggers for Zach Wisniewski. He then dropped both Kyle Jansma and Jeremiah Wiltjer after no one showed up this past week. He signed the MVP leading Jackson Buzea as well as Kyle Schaaf to make this team once again competitive.

Facebook Live Games

Opening Slot (4-0) Lake County Liners at (1-2) Leroy Truckers

Caleb has once again proved his dominance early in the season taking advantage of other’s slow starts. He heads to Facebook for another game after picking up the win in last week’s matchup in extras. This game will feature Tim Wiltjer and Caleb Jonkman starting on the mound, the only 2 pitchers in the league with a 0.00 ERA with 5+ innings pitched. Matt Dykstra and Austin Gibson will be on the mic for this game in what looks to be a competitive matchup with both team’s having their full roster present.

Night Slot (2-2) Flyin’ Hawaiians at (2-2) Sultans of Soy

Austin will not be present for this game as he is overseas currently. We will get to see an up close and personally answer to if the recent moves of signing Jim Tucker and Cameron Varlan pay off. Brett Detmar will be on the mic with Jake Van Vuren who look to get “absolutely trashed” for the show, can’t miss radio.

Tomorrow we will have Brett Detmar on the fireside show to break down each move as well as some previews of this week’s games. DON’T MISS IT.


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