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Badgers Bag Barnes

It has been a very silent off season the past couple months, something was bound to give. Jeremy Ross the Badgers 2nd round pick (14th Overall) announced he will be unable to play due to his recent enrollment in the United States Marines.

The Badgers Announced the following via Twitter:

With Jeremy unavailable to play, and the team's 3rd round pick Erik Van Laren also unable to play this year the team had to make a move. Within the current available Free Agents, one player stood out. Ryan Barnes listed himself as a part timer player for the 2018 season scaring many owner's away from his near $30 salary during the draft. With just enough room to spare the Badgers will sign Barnes for opening day.

Jared is in a tough situation putting hope in Wes Ellis and Barnes to be able to make it each week throughout May. If one of them fails to play he could face penalty caps that could once again put him over, forcing him to make moves.

Be sure to look out for the Fireside Chat coming in the next few weeks as we will talk to Jared about his latest transaction and how he feels about the 2018 season.

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