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Leroy Wiffle Association

Work begins on the Leroy Complex

It's only March but the recent weather has given the Grounds committee an early start to Season 5 preparation. Sam Staal and Jared Jonkman started work on some team benches being added to the complex. The crew will be designing and building six benches for fields next year, a much needed upgrade.

This is one of the many projects the committee looks to tackle in the coming months. Some other projects include backstop nets for each field, fresh stone on the base paths, grass and weed control, camera mounts for each field, and the biggest upgrade a "Wiffle Trailer".

The former boat trailer will have some storage boxes, a "Wiffle Ball dispenser", and some other ideas from Sam Staal to make set up and take down each week a breeze. Keep an eye out for updates throughout the offseason on the progress!!

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