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Fireside Chat: Championship vs. Stats.

It all started on December 7 when I got a text from Erik, "How much did I lose by in HOF". After a link was sent showing a 14-7 loss he was quoted saying "Wow, didn't expect that." A rant ensued comparing himself to Kyrie Irving and Jansma to Carmelo Anthony. A huge slap in the face considering Carmelo has always been known to be a selfish cancer to any team and locker room. He also claimed many people "probably just took the top seeds" when voting, now saying the rest of the league is uneducated and have the inability to think and vote how they please. Other Statements included, "Put Jansma on a team with Van Vuren and Reynhout and see what happens, bet they are worse than a four seed last year." Another was, "I know the smartest people in the league would agree with me". The final statement was one i thought was worth discussing, he says, "With Jansma on the Bombers they don't beat the Liners." It was a lot of disgust and when asked about the comments, Kyle Jansma declined to comment to the situation. Before we get into the Fireside Segment with the guys talking about what is more important, let's take a quick peek into the year by year Rankings for both Kyle and Erik. 2014: Kyle Jansma: 47.93 Ranking, 63.87 Qualify, 32.00 Salary, 28.25 Batting, 35.75 Pitching Erik Detmar: 28.23 Ranking, 26.67 Qualify, 29.80 Salary, 18.17 Batting, 41.43 Pitching 2015: Kyle Jansma: 38.45 Ranking, 43.77 Qualify, 33.12 Salary, 42.57 Batting, 23.68 Pitching Erik Detmar: 27.06 Ranking, 22.46 Qualify, 31.66 Salary, 12.48 Batting, 50.84 Pitching 2016: Kyle Jansma: 39.31 Ranking, 43.16 Qualify, 35.46 Salary, 40.64 Batting, 30.27 Pitching Erik Detmar: 38.51 Ranking, 40.47 Qualify, 36.55 Salary, 30.24 Batting, 42.86 Pitching 2017: Kyle Jansma: 49.82 Ranking, 56.02 Qualify, 43.62 Salary, 46.82 Batting, 40.43 Pitching Erik Detmar: 55.25 Ranking, 70.15 Qualify, 40.35 Salary, 28.88 Batting, 51.81 Pitching So yes, Erik Detmar has been a better pitcher every single year, but Kyle has been a better batter every single year. Last year Kyle was an above average batter and pitcher, while Erik was a below average batter and elite pitcher. Interesting numbers, so let's get to the show.

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