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Leroy Wiffle Association

Leroy Wiffle presents Tournament.

We are proud to announce that Leroy Wiffle will be partnering with Friedman and Associates to announce a summer kick off Tournament, Shaw Friedman Wiffle Invitational. The tournament will be a one day tournament on Saturday June 2, 2018, with a social event taking place on June 1 the night before.

The inaugural tournament will feature 12 teams and feature 5, 4 inning pool play games. Then a 12 team single elimination bracket will determine a winner. Let's get into what information is set in stone currently.

To start things off, 24 players who played in Leroy in 2017 will register for the tournament. It will be first come first serve to the 24 players. After that we will open to the sign ups to anyone and everyone. We will need another 24 players to sign up and they must sign up in groups of 2, a perfect situation for you and a buddy to get a taste of Leroy.

After all 48 players have registered we will take the 24 Leroy players and unite the best Leroy player with worst, than second best with the 2nd worst based on 2017 salary. This will happen until we match the 12th best with the 12th worst and all 24 Leroy players are matched and will be captains for the 12 teams.

On Friday Night we will be having a social gathering highly recommending everyone make an appearance as we will select which Leroy pairings will be picked with non Leroy pairings to create your Tournament team of 4 players. That's right, each team will have 2 Leroy Players and 2 Non Leroy Players and will have to use 5 pool play games to build trust and chemistry to advance to the 12 team single elimination bracket. When the bracket starts its all or nothing as games will jump to 5 innings.

The tournament has a few goals in mind.

1. With 12 teams we will see 48 players on the field June 2, we expect to see all the best players from Northwest Indiana and potentially farther. We want to focus on quality and not quantity in this tournament. With our hybrid pitching rules you will see every aspect of the game shown; pitching, hitting, and fielding.

2. With each of the 12 teams having 2 Leroy players, everyone will get the full Leroy experience. Every team will have a pair of players who played in our league in 2017. hose players know the rules and can help teach them throughout the 5 pool play games getting them ready for playoff time.

3. We want to promote our sponsor Shaw Friedman from Friedman and Associates as well as our league in general. We want to teach our style as well as show them what they can experience every Wednesday night.

4. Finally we want to build relationships not only between leagues in the area, but also people. The results of many wiffleball games will be forgotten, but the people you meet is what will last a lifetime.

We look to have a game being broadcast live throughout the whole day, including some commentary though out the games. Although all the rules are not final, this tournament will require every player pitch. You will see both fast and slow pitching with our rules. Keep in eye out for signups and pricing in the coming weeks and be sure to set June 1&2 on your calendar.

- Tim Wiltjer

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