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Fireside Chat: 2018 Owners

We are one day away from the draft and the 11 owners are making last minute scouting reports as they look to build their dream teams tomorrow. First let's take a quick look at the owner's and get to know them. Big thanks to Matt on the Highlight Clip.

Now take a listen in on the guys as they discuss which owner's will be hot in 2018 and which ones will be cold in the first ever Fireside Segment: 2018 Owners.



For all fans and players I want to give a brief summary of the owners and what to watch for in tomorrow's draft.

Pick 1: Tim Wiltjer - Leroy Truckers

Tim has a ton of cap space, the most of any owner in this draft. Anyone available he wants, he can draft. After the first pick, he has to wait 20 picks for selecting his last two players, the big names will for sure be gone, he has to be selective in those last two picks. Expect a risky selection in the 22nd or 23rd pick.


Pick 2: Robby Zandstra - Sultans of Soy

Robby had the first overall pick in 2016 took 2017 as an owner off, and gets right back in it with the 2nd overall pick this year. He needs to find a player who can be the base of the team. By far the quietest owner of the group, critics wonder with the new salary cap penalties if he will be able to maintain and take control of this team the whole year. Expect anything and everything with his picks, but a for sure stud in the second pick could be a 1-2 punch that will get them wins all year.


Pick 3: Caleb Jonkman - Lake County Liners

Caleb looks to have the biggest challenge of his career in Leroy. His salary alone amasses half of the cap and will have to draft smart to stay under the cap. One thing for sure is the Liners will have the best player on the team every game, the question remains what he can get for value this draft. Expect him to pick up some low salary, high potential players this draft.


Pick 4: Greg Gierling - Noble Narwhals

Greg takes on ownership this year and will be the first rookie owner to make a splash. He has tons of salary cap space and needs to find guys that can buy into the culture he is looking to create. He was one of the few owners who purchased jerseys for his team and will be a student of the game and always be looking to get his team on top. With the new Salary Penalty System being incorporated in 2018 he may have some extra space come season end to make a huge splash.


Pick 5: Matt Dykstra - Leroy Clams

Matt is becoming a household name in Leroy and this year will raise that roof even higher. His tag line #thatsclam will be heard all year as he looks to build a team. He says he wants to build a team that wins, or build a team that has fun. We should have a good idea what is goal is with his first pick, expect similar picks in round 2 and 3.


Pick 6: Jordan Mosel - Backdoor Sliders

The Sliders are back and we the question is will we see the same song and dance from Jordan on draft day. He year after year slowly builds a better team and needs to strictly draft off talent instead of relationship. After getting no hit in the quarter finals on route to a first round sweep he needs a rebound year. As the only team that will have played all 5 years, he needs a Championship appearance.


Pick 7: Brett Detmar - Corn Bombers

No Jager, No Erik. Brett looks to move forward with a new identity after a two straight Championships. He is smack dab in the middle of the draft and if he is smart could pick up two solid players in the first couple rounds. His knowledge of the game and players will give him the opportunity to steal some players in the first couple rounds and train them to dominant, something he has done the past two years. The problem lies with his commitment to lineups and scoresheets, something that could give him salary penalties later in the year.


Pick 8: Austin Warner - Flyin' Hawaiians

The year looks to start off get swallowed up by a wave. Austin choose a cruise over the draft and will give picking duties to Kyle Reynhout. Things look rocky to start and critics can't help but question how well this team will be able to mesh without a strong presence from the owner.


Pick 9: Jared Jonkman - Bushleague Badgers

Jared is coming off a 2nd place finish, losing in the Championship. He had the last pick in the draft last year and scooped up two great players. He looks to do the same with the 9th and 14th picks. If Jared can get two consistent guys he will be atop the standings all year.


Pick 10: Erik Detmar - Squints Sluggers

Erik Detmar's days of coat tailing of his brother are over. He looks to take on ownership with a knack for playing numbers. He was the brain child behind the trade that sent Colin and Neil to the Bombers last year, ultimately winning them the Championship. The question is can he be the lock down player he needs to be in big games to solidify his team to a deep run.


Pick 11: Marty Rasala - Diamond Dusters

Marty is already becoming a fan favorite after his rookie of the year season last year. He has already purchased jersey's and looks to make a huge splash in his rookie year of ownership. A baseball coach, many critics are concerned of his ability to lead a team, but some wonder if he can scout the right players and build the right talent to build chemistry. Expect some wild moves from the rook in his first season.


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