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Leroy Wiffle Association

New Teams, New Logos

A crucial part of our league in the future is giving the team's more power to brand themselves. With team sponsors coming in 2018, we also updated every team logo. Take a look at the 11 Leroy brands coming to the 2018 season.

Bushleague Badgers

Owner: Jared Jonkman Twitter: @bleaguebadgers Year: 4th Season

Lake County Liners

Owner: Caleb Jonkman Twitter: @LakectyLiners Year: 2nd Season

Corn Bombers

Owner: Brett Detmar Twitter: @LWACornBombers Years: 4th Season

Leroy Truckers

Owner: Tim Wiltjer Twitter: @LeroyTruckers Years: 3rd Season

Noble Narwhals

Owner: Greg Gierling Twitter: @NarwhalsLWA Years: 1st Season

Squints Sluggers

Owner: Erik Detmar Twitter: @SquintsSluggers Years: 1st Season

Leroy Clams

Owner: Matt Dykstra Twitter: @LeroyClams Years: 1st Season

Diamond Dusters

Owner: Marty Rasala Twitter: @DDustersLWA Years: 1st Season

Backdoor Sliders

Owner: Jordan Mosel Twitter: @bsliderz Years: 5th Season

Flyin' Hawaiians

Owner: Austin Warner Twitter: @FHawaiians Years: 1st Season

Sultans of Soy

Owner: Robby Zandstra Twitter: None Years: 2nd Season

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