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Leroy Wiffle partners with Dick's

As we move forward into 2018 one of the biggest improvements will happen because of Dick's Sporting Goods. With this partnership, Leroy has been given access to there integrated sports management platform. The platform has so many upgrades for us as an association moving forward that will save so much time. The main upgrade will be a website designed specifically for sports.

With out further ado i would like to announce our new site.

This will propel Leroy to a whole different level in terms of getting information to the players and fans moving forward. For the player we will see integrated Schedules that can migrate into your phone calendar, to a phone app that makes sign ups to games as easy as a click of a button, to a mass text alert option to let players know if games are cancelled to weather. For the fan we will see simplified information that is easy to find and research.

I am going to split the rest of this article into 2 Parts; Fan and Player. I will introduce every part of the new site and what you can look for in the future months.


As a fan you will be able to access anything and everything Leroy. Not only is the site more cleaner and organized, but everything is integrated into a mobile site, so when you’re viewing from your phone. All the info will be there, but it is designed for a smaller screen. So let’s dive into the site.

At the top you will have a rotator with the biggest news rolling through Leroy. Things like big time transactions, events, giveaways, etc. Every story will have an article attached that will pop up when you click the picture. Below our some other stories that will give updates on new Podcasts, Merchandise, and Articles. Same as before, click it and it will lead to more information on the topic.

Next is to the right of that (below if browsing through the mobile site), there is 6 categories.

2018 Registration - Every player who is interested in playing in 2018 must fill out this form if you haven’t already.

Stats and Standings - Every single stat in the history of our league, from 2014-2017 and career. Every Standings from each season as well. SAM SKIBBE PLEASE READ THIS :).

League History - This is still in construction. I am in the process of overhauling every year as well as writing 2017’s history. Eventually you will be able to remember every playoff series, see every transaction made, every draft pick, and recaps from each week.

Power Rankings - Kyle Reynhout will be producing a weekly rankings when the season gears up, till then he plans on doing an article every month in the coming months. The first article is coming in the next week, so stay tuned.

Leroy Blog - Here you will find every article ever written in the history of Leroy. Usually post an article or two every week.

Podcasts - Leroy will be producing 3 shows this upcoming season with a total 32 shows in 2018. Be sure to check that out.

Underneath that you will have an about section with some info on the league, as well as future events, our social media pages.

Below that we have our League Sponsors and Site Links to everything else that might interest you including field information, directions, rules, etc.

Finally if you are looking from the computer you will see the words League Office about the rotator (If you are looking from your phone you will have to click the little box all the way at the top left with 3 lines running horizontal.) There you will go to our league office page and see the Board Members who make the league possible.

You will also see Team Central, from there you can see every single Team Page. Every Owner has control of their own Page and can add News Stories, Pictures, and update scores when the season starts. Each page will have the schedule on it, and each player page will soon have awards and information for each player as they register.

This site will continually have news stories added as well as new articles and podcasts. Be sure to bookmark!

PLAYER: Not only will the player have access to all the information stated above, but the experience gets even better for the player. Every player should download the free Dick’s TSHQ app. (Team Sports Head Quarters). As a player you can see games for your team, sign up for games with a click of a button, and interact with other players on your team. It also gives updates from your team owner with game changes or discussions. All you have to do is register on the site, after you register you will be put on the team you are on and instantly have access to your Team Head Quarters.

Those are the basics, we plan on learning more about the sports management platform in the next few months and will keep everyone posted on what is new. For now, check us out and if you want to play in 2018 get ahead of the game and register for our site!

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