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Leroy Wiffle Association

2017 Bowling Classic & Leroy 2018 Draft

Can anyone believe that December has come and that means one thing for Leroy Nation, Draft Month. We are going bigger and better yet again this year. Let's dive into the event and what is going to make this year straight up HUGE.

Before we get into the cool stuff, let's talk boring details. The date of the event will be Thursday, December 28, 2017. We are returning to Stardust Bowl this year in Merrillville, Indiana. The bowling kicks off at 5 PM and goes till 7 PM. The cost will be $20 per person to attend the event, if your not much of a bowler we would love to still have you come out. Even if you don't bowl, and still pay, you will be entered into all the prizes which include a $125 Cash Prize!!!

To be eligible to win prizes you must be paid by December 23, 2017. To pay you can use either paypal or Venmo.

We already have Grandparents, parents, siblings, and friends of players registered and coming. Make sure you get out and invite everyone, get 4 friends or family members together and get a whole lane.

The fun part starts after 7, when the draft kicks off. This year 33 of the 43 players will be drafted and every pick will be made that night. The draft will be broadcast live on Facebook for those who are unable to attend, and for everyone to re watch history. We highly recommend all players who participated last year and are looking to play in the upcoming season to attend. Many owners have purchased jersey's this season and we are looking to get pictures as well as short interviews from both the owner and players after each pick.

Greg has a few other surprises under his sleeve this year, make sure to get pay and get ready for the big day!! Our goal this year is 50 people, like i said earlier you don't have to bowl. We are looking for 50 people to pay the 20 bucks as we look to continue to upgrade the league moving forward.

Every couple of days I will edit those post with updated people who have paid the $20.

December 2, 2017 - 21 People

1. Sam Staal

2. Brett Detmar

3. Jordan Mosel

4. Ron Eriks

5. Kyle Reynhout

6. Marty Rasala

7. Matt Dykstra

8. Shane Anderson

9. Grant Reynhout

10. Erik Detmar

11. Neil Krooswyk

12. Lucas Miedema

13. Jeremiah Wiltjer

14. Rebecca Wiltjer

15. P.J. Wiltjer

16. Vonda Wiltjer

17. Christina Wiltjer

18. Drew Eenigenburg

19. Jared Jonkman

20. Greg Gierling

21. Becky Gierling

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