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2017 Sliders Post Season Article

The Backdoor Sliders have finished a fourth straight season without having more wins than losses. The franchise is now 30-42-1 (0.417) and 2-9 (0.222) in the playoffs with both wins coming in 2016. The Sliders once again succeed from the plate finishing with a 0.403 batting average and 0.824 slugging percentage. In 3 of the 4 years the Sliders have had a +0.400 batting average as a team including a 0.463 in 2015. The power numbers were down for the Sliders hitting only 62 homers this season, 7th among the 8 teams. The problem is in the pitching and it always has been with this squad. For a 4th consecutive year the Sliders had an E.R.A. lower than the league average of 7.17. This season it was 7.49 with an opponent’s batting average of 0.396 which is right about the league average of 0.395. The shocking part of the Sliders this season was that even though they finished 7th in the standings they had a +2 run differential on the year.

Jordan had a rough go from the start this season. In 2016 he didn’t have enough at bats to qualify to be an owner and Neil Krooswyk took over as owner. Due to some conflicts this year, Neil couldn’t fulfil owners duties, and Jordan was given the opportunity to bring back the Sliders. With a squad of Robby Zandstra, Jake Olthof, and Nick Fiene he had an uphill battle right from the start. Both Jake and Nick didn’t play one game this season so he relied heavily on Robby Zandstra who played 19 games this year for the Sliders, a career high. Jordan signed Garret Lytle and traded for Andrew Sitter during the second half of the year, and had a roster that many thought could compete for a championship.

Jordan Mosel played 24 games this season to get him up to 66 total throughout his career. He finished his best season statistically finishing with a 34.85 salary. This was a huge improvement over last year and was runner up to winning most improved this year after a he finished with a salary of 20.90 last year. Last season was a season for Jordan to forget hitting 1 homer with only 9 rbi’s in 113 at bats. This season he belted 17 Homers which is more than his first 3 year combined (15). He had 36 RBI’s and 38 Runs scored to go with only 46 k’s in 164 at bats. He had his best year as a pitcher as well throwing 46 k’s in just 32 2/3 innings pitched. He finished with 6.24 E.R.A. and a 0.384 opponent’s batting average which is a career best. With Grant stepping down as an owner Jordan will be the only owner leading a franchise for a fifth year when 2018 starts up.

Robby Zandstra went back into the draft in 2017 after losing his Sultans after just one year. He played 19 games this season with the Sliders going 9-10 with him in the lineup. He had his worst season from the plate of his career, but had his best season from the mound this year. His batting average has gone down every single year since 2014. (0.646, 0.564, 0.438, 0.432). He did have a career high 19 homers this season hitting both his 50th and 60th career homers. He is one of 3 players to have double digit homers in all 4 seasons of LWA (Caleb Jonkman and Kyle Jansma).

Garret Lytle was signed after week 3, Garret played for the Bashers that week and hit a walk off homer to beat the Backdoor Sliders. It was enough to get Jordan to recognize him and make the move. Garret was an a rookie this year and played in 16 games in his first season. He had great success all year from the plate hitting 0.438 with 17 Homers, 39 RBI’s and 36 runs scored in just 112 at bats. Like most rookie’s his pitching struggled at times. He finished with a 8.87 E.R.A. but could pipe the ball with 27 k’s in 22 1/3 innings pitched. He showed a lot of promise for the future.

Andrew Sitter was traded to the Sliders in the second half of the season. He was the biggest disappointment of LWA this year. Originally drafted 2nd overall he played in just 13 games this season. He had a career worst 0.338 batting average this season and only hit 8 homers in 71 total at bats. His pitching was great, but due to being late rarely ever saw 2 innings in a game. He pitching only 16 innings and had a 2.63 E.R.A. with 27 k’s on the year, but didn’t get one win as a pitcher, the first time in his career.

When the worst ranked player on your team was the #2 pick in the draft you should make a deep run. This team is known for hitting and was no hit in the first game of the playoffs, this team had a lot of talent and couldn’t muster up even one win against the Badgers. The Backdoor Sliders have had 33 of the 73 players play at least one game for them through the years, check out the Backdoor Sliders history page to see where you rank in the Backdoor Sliders Record Books. Keep an eye out for the Sliders next year with a new logo as Jordan looks to lead the squad again.

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