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2017 Truckers Post Season Article

The Leroy Truckers finish the worst statistical season by any team in Leroy’s four-year history. They finish with a 0.315 batting average which is third worst all time with only the 2015 Legends and 2016 Wonders finishing worse. They also finished with a 15.15 E.R.A. which was second worst only trailing the 2014 Muffin Men. They finish with 21 Total Losses on the season a record that will most likely never be beaten. Let’s take a look at who made this infamous season happen.

It all started when Kevin Vroegh messaged Tim that he had an internship in Grand Rapids and would be unable to make the 2017 season. A few moves and the Truckers started the season with a roster as followed: Tim Wiltjer, Andrew Sitter, Aaron Barnes, and Jake Olthof. That lasted one week and like most weeks the Truckers were making moves. Throughout the season all the following players were at some point a part of the 2017 Truckers: Neil Krooswyk, Brad Kamstra, Colin Lautenbach, Quinn Cloghessy, Lauren Ashby, Kyle Reynhout, Zach Huisman, Ryan Barnes, and Shane Anderson.

Tim Wiltjer managed the team the whole year and was the only player on the squad start to finish. After winning player of the week in the first week he went on to have the worst season statistically of his career. From the plate he finished with a 0.303 batting average, below his career rate of 0.315. He finally hit double digit homers this season finally getting his 10th in the second game of the quarter finals against Austin Gibson. From the mound, he struggled mightily. A 17.58 E.R.A. bumped his career E.R.A. over 10.00 and finished with a 0.560 opponents’ batting average. He gave up 47 homers this season which was more than his first three years combined. This was the first year he wasn’t selected to the All-Star game.

Brad Kamstra played 13 games for the Truckers in 2017, the second most. During those games, the squad went 0-13. Brad was a great addition to the league this season, and really improved from the start. He played 19 games total during the year and though his stats don’t show he really started performing especially in the playoffs. He finished his rookie campaign with a 0.284 batting average with 9 Homers. His pitching was hit or miss throughout the year and in 26 1/3 innings he had 30 K’s with a 10.71 E.R.A. It wasn’t a flashy year for Brad, but definitely some promise in the coming years.

Zach Huisman was a late season pickup who shocked the league. In his second outing he pitched four innings striking out 12 of the 13 batters he faced. He played 8 games for the Truckers, and 10 games total in the 2017 season. He didn’t get enough at bats/innings pitched to qualify so he will still be a rookie next season. His hitting was respectably with a 0.329 average and 6 Homers in 70 at bats. His pitching numbers were great for a first timer. A 4.88 E.R.A. and 29 k’s in 16 innings pitched. Zach took some velocity off late in the year in an effort to preserve his arm for his season with Trinity. Time will tell if he makes a return next year, and if he does how much velocity he will attack with.

Kyle Reynhout was traded to the Truckers mid-season. He hit 10 homers in just 8 games for the Truckers. This was Kyle’s best season from the plate by far. He hit 21 Homers with 45 RBI’s this year with a 0.837 slugging percentage, all career highs. His pitching is his downfall, after a sub 10 E.R.A. season last year, he jumped up to a 15.21 E.R.A. in 23 2/3 innings pitched. In the final game of the playoffs he grabbed his 100th career RBI and sits just 2 homers shy of getting 50. He will return as an owner next season as he will lead the Wiffle Ducks.

The Truckers were a step behind everyone in the league from the start of the season. When the #2 pick in the draft Andrew Sitter never showed up it set the tone for a dreadful season, it took till the final few weeks for them to finally start to gain some momentum. That momentum was obviously stopped by the Liner Force with an exit in the first round. Tim will once again enter the draft with the Truckers being the safety net in case of a team backing out. For everyone who have ever played for the Truckers, check out the Franchise History Page to see your stats as a Trucker.

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