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Week 4 Power Rankings

#1 211.35 (7-0) Lake County Liners

The Liners came out of a big week with yet again… 2 wins. Quinn was back in the lineup after a week off and he continued to be a solid player. He gave up 2 runs in 3 innings pitched and hit 0.357 from the plate with 3 RBI’s and 4 runs scored. Caleb has to be pleased with the rookie’s ability to slowly adapt to the league, while still being productive from both the mound and plate. Jon Gibson had another Jon Gibson performance. 14 At bats, 6 Home Runs, 6 Strikeouts, and an obnoxious good looking outfit. Caleb finally gave up his first run of the year, allowing a solo shot to Matt Dykstra of the Ovens.

Game 8: vs. (5-1) Free Agent Otters

The Liners will face the Otters for the first time this week. Although the Otters sit in second its always hard saying who will make up the roster. No chance the Free Agent team finally get the Liners in the loss column.

Projection: 9-3 Liners.

Game 9: vs. (2-4) Bushleague Badgers

It’s going to be interesting to see where Caleb puts himself in the lineup as he goes up against his brother in the second game of the night. The series is 1-0 in favor of Caleb as this one will be played on Fenway a field with a short-left porch. Tensions were high in the first matchup, but with a different roster for the Badgers this one could be close.

Projection: 6-4 Liners

Caleb made a move on Monday night to release the rookie Quinn Cloghessy and sign recently released Austin Warner. Austin will get to prove his worth right away facing his old team.


#2 137.72 (5-1) Free Agent Otters

The Otters scorched every member of the Sliders scoring at least 3 runs off every one of their 4 pitchers in a 17-9 hitting frenzy. This is where the Otters begin to start blowing records up. With the surplus of players making their way to Leroy Complex the Otters made up 3 teams last week in the second game. With a team of otters playing a team of otters. The main Otters team took on the Badgers as current team Captain Shane Anderson led his squad to a 3-1 win. With Aaron Barnes showing up for the second game the total number of people exceeded 32, which forced the league to have a 5th game be played.

Game 7: vs. (7-0) Lake County Liners

The only team with a better winning percentage than the Otters is the Liners who obviously have yet to lose. Shane’s salary dropped down, but not enough to get signed as he will lead the Otters into some tough competition. The Otters have proved time and time again they are not to be taken lightly and this will solidify them as a ship contender if they can pull this one out.

Projection: 9-3 Liners

Game 8: vs. (3-4) Big Unit Bashers

The Otters first career game was against the Bashers in Week 2 when they won a close one 12-10. The Bashers were furious with the time limit as the commissioner limited this one to only 4 innings. With lights installed and a longer time limit this one is going to be a fun one to watch. Wes Ellis will face off against Shane Anderson and Lucas Meidema will look to continue to be the top 10 player every claims he will be.

Projection: 9-8 Otters

The Otters lost a couple big pieces this past week with Alex Friedman sent to the Badgers, and Wes Ellis sent to the Bashers. They were awarded Quinn Cloghessy from the Liners, and Jon Newcomb from the Bashers. This team will still have some big dreams with Shane Anderson leading the way, but word on the street is a couple teams are looking to make some big time moves to bring Shane on board which could shake up the whole face of the Otters going into the second half of the season. One thing is for sure, this Otters experiment is working out way better than planned.


#3 135.78 (3-4) Dutch Ovens

The Dutch Ovens got some much needed medicine with the return of Jack Hillegonds. He put up 6 Homers in 16 At Bats this week helping them cruise over the Bashers 19-6. They put up a fight against the Liners scoring 8 runs. The Liners have given up a total of 5 runs in the other 6 games to put that into perspective. Matt, Jack, and Kyle all homered in that game which was very reassuring for them looking forward.

Game 8: vs. (1-6) Leroy Truckers

The Truckers have been in a downward spiral every since Tim’s birthday. This is the only team the Ovens haven’t faced yet as their week 1 matchup was rescheduled to the end of the season. Team Owner Grandpa Jansma looks to play his first game as a 30 year old this week as many look to bring wheelchairs and walking sticks to the event.

Projection: 10-8 Ovens

Game 9: vs. (2-5) Backdoor Sliders

This matchup will be the exact way to find out what Jack means to the Ovens. These two teams played back in Week 2. The Sliders roster for that game was Jordan, Robby, Ryan, and Garret. The Ovens was Kyle, Matt, and Greg. The Sliders won that game by a score of 4-1. Since that game both Ryan and Garret have learned the ropes and this could be the week the Sliders become a contender with a big win here.

Projection: 8-6 Sliders

The Ovens can finally start to jell as a team with Jack being back. Both Kyle and Matt have a worse salary then they had last year, meaning that are playing worse compared to the league average than a year ago. If they can step up one more notch and Greg can limit runs when pitching this team could be unstoppable. They have to find a style and go with it.


#4 129.66 (4-3) Jager Corn Bombers

The Corn Bombers were up to their old selves in the matchup against the Badgers. They went 7 innings to finally sneak a 2-1 win over Jared and Company. No homers were hit and Kyle Reynhout went 0-7 with 7 k’s literally not giving a shit in most at bats. The second game was worse as the whole team collected 3 hits in a 3-0 loss to the Liners.

Game 8: vs. (3-4) Big Unit Bashers

The first time we get to see Grant verse Kyle this year it should be entertainment at the least. A win for the Bashers has both these teams tied at 4-4. The Bombers are 5-3 all-time against Grant’s club giving up only 7 runs in those 8 games. The X Factor will be if newly acquired Wes Ellis makes a return to the Diamond for the Bashers.

Projection: 3-2 Bombers

Game 9: vs. (1-6) Leroy Truckers

Brett was no where to be found the first time these two went up against each other. The Bombers scored a season high 20 runs that game in a slug fest. The Truckers have added Colin Lautenbach since that game a player the Detmar brothers called “The Blind Squirrel” of the league. It both teams make the journey it will be a great game to watch.

Projection: 6-4 Truckers

The Bombers were voted the #1 team in the Owner’s poll, I don’t know how. Erik has played at a very high rate so far, a rate I don’t think he can retain all year. Jake Van Vuren seems to be interested in slow pitch softball which could force Brett to make a move…. A move that he has no cap room to make. He has to live or die with this team he better bring them together.


#5 127.20 Bushleague Badgers

The Badgers are literally on a roller coaster season. Losing 2, then winning 2, then this past week losing 2 yet again. Jared is feeling the pressure of what it takes to be an elite owner. Going into the grind part of the season he has to show his team can grind. Not one Badgers had an above average performance last week all finishing under 30 for the week. This team feeds off each other from the plate and it showed last week. They scored a total of 2 runs in a 3-1 and 2-1 loss.

Game 7: (2-5) Backdoor Sliders

The Badgers and Sliders and a huge history, I think it could be the biggest rivalry in league history to be frank. The Badgers have played the Sliders 10 times including 5 of those matchups in the playoffs. They are 3-2 against the Sliders in regular season games, and 3-2 against them in the playoffs. Although the rivalry mainly came from Neil Krooswyk and Kyle Reynhout facing off against Tim Wiltjer, it could take a new turn with I believe a couple evenly matched teams. This is the first matchup of 3 regular season meetings, it’s always important to get that first win.

Projection: 5-4 Badgers

Game 8: vs. (7-0) Lake County Liners

The Jonkman rivalry goes into round 2 of the 3 tonight with Jared looking to finally shut down his brother. Jared was the first to get a championship as a player, he is also looking to be the first to get it as an owner. This one with have a little more spice after he released Austin Warner, a player who signed with the Liners today.

Projection: 6-4 Liners

Jared made another move this week releasing Austin and once again signing a commissioner. This time it’s the commissioner of ORWBL instead of LWA. Alex Friedman joins the Black and Green in an effort to stabilize the roller coaster season they have had to date. This move looks to create some offense with Austin’s struggles from the plate this season.


#6 – 93.61 (2-5) Backdoor Sliders

The Sliders avoided having the worst record in the league with a big time win against the Truckers last week. Jordan had some crucial strikeouts on the drunken commish to seal the deal and get the save in a back and forth game under the lights. They also took a huge loss to the Free Agent Otters giving up 17 runs in total.

Game 8: vs. (2-4) Bushleague Badgers

Like we said earlier this is one of the biggest rivalries in the league. Although the core part of the rivalry is gone, a good game could keep this one going. Jordan has been back to his old self this season and we have seen a refueled Robby Zandstra who looks to make an impact this year. Knocking off the Badgers would move them up the standings and prove they are ready to compete with the best.

Projection: 5-4 Badgers

Game 9: (3-4) Dutch Ovens

The last time these teams matched up was the reason Jordan made his moves to get Ryan and Garret. This team has a rugged way of playing and with big bats throughout the lineup they always can make a charge. They need to grab a win with Jack on the Ovens, and win the season series with the Ovens.

Projection: 8-6 Sliders

Jordan was handed a rough situation and he is making some moves to get the team he wants. He has some cap left to really make one more solid move if he either Ryan or Garret don’t pan out to be the guys he hopes them to be. The key for this team is to get Robby to keep coming. He’s a game changer and this team will go as far as he lets them go.


#7 – 78.05 (3-4) Big Unit Bashers

The Bashers scoop up another win this week beating out the Truckers and getting to 3-4. They haven’t won games by blowing opponents out. It’s evident with a -32 run differential through 7 games…. 3 of those being wins. Grant looks to keep playing small ball and if they are in the game late, they make a move.

Game 8: (4-3) Jager Corn Bombers

Should be a good matchup as Grant goes up against his brother. Wes Ellis will look to make his official debut as a member of the Bashers. It will be interesting to see how Grant plays his lineup with Marty, Wes, and Lucas. All 3 players are two way players that want to get innings and get at bats. I nice problem to have for Grant.

Projection: 3-2 Bombers

Game 9: vs (5-1) Free Agent Otters

Grant looks to make a statement after he felt he was screwed out of a win the first matchup with the Otters. Grabbing Lucas and Wes off the Otters roster the last two weeks will be a way for them 2 to show why they were signed over the current Otters roster.

Projection: 9-8 Otters

The big move last week was Jon Newcomb being released for Wes Ellis. This is a move that could make Grant a contender or derail his season. It’s hard to put trust in a rookie like Jon when it comes down the stretch we saw that with Marty last season when he gave up a homer to Neil in a critical playoff moment. The question is will Wes dedicate himself to this team at all. He’s got a long drive and when the playoffs come around they will need Wes to make that run.


#8 – 46.64 Leroy Truckers

No Sitter, No Neil for yet another week. Colin showed some signs of returning to his old self in time. The Truckers had fun last week again, not really getting any momentum. If Sitter continues to miss games Tim will have to either release Neil or Sitter and get a consistent number 3 guy. With 8 teams in the mix no one is looking to take that number 8 spot into the playoffs and the Truckers need to start winning games and fast.

Game 8: (3-4) Dutch Ovens

This will be a big week for Colin to really find his pitch. Going against Matt, Kyle, and Jack he will have to face big time hitters. They have to find ways to score and limit big innings from the Ovens.

Projection: 10-8 Ovens

Game 9: (4-3) Jager Corn Bombers

The Truckers scored 12 runs off this dominant pitching team in the last matchup, the problem was they gave up 20 in the process. They haven’t won a game since they played this team last and a loss would mean they lose the season series verse Brett and Company. Neil looks to return this week and a matchup with Neil, Tim, and Kyle is always A+ material. Expect some boots to asses in this one.

Projection: 6-4 Truckers

Tim had the opportunity to sign Shane Anderson and release Andrew Sitter. He held back in hopes of giving Sitter one more shot. With Sitter not coming this upcoming week, expect some big changes from the truckers in a last minute effort to save the season. Colin is making big strides in his return and with a new enthusiasm about the league could get back to his top 5 pitching and hitting.


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