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Week 3 Power Rankings

#1 176.64 (5-0) Lake County Liners

Another two shut outs for the Liners this past week. Shane Anderson joined the team for both games, and Aaron Barnes just the second. No Quinn this week left Caleb and Jon to lead the Liners. Lake County now has a 43-5 run differential in the first five games, with a 1.20 E.R.A. They currently have the best batting and pitching stats for all 8 teams.

Up Next:

Game 6: @ (2-3) Dutch Ovens

These two teams were projected #1 and #2 going into the season. An injury to Jack Hillegonds has set the Ovens back as they have gone 1-3 without him. With the ankle being downgraded from broken, to sprained Jack will make his comeback against the Liners. This is the first matchup against the only two rookie leagues this season. Quinn looks to make a return as well after a week hiatus. This should be the game of the week.

Game 7: vs. (3-2) Jager Corn Bombers

A tough schedule for the Liners as they go up against the Bombers in the second matchup on Wednesday. The Liners beat the Bombers 5-1 in the first week of the season, that was a team without both Jon Gibson and Brett Detmar. This matchup will be way different, since the first week Erik has emerged as the #2 for Mr. Leroy with Caleb sitting at #1.

#2 134.89 (3-2) Jager Corn Bombers

The Bombers split last week with a win against the feisty Backdoor Sliders. Lucas Meidema, Colin Lautenbach, and Alex Friedman led the Otters to a surprise victory against the defending champs in the second game. The Bombers have been silencing critics lately with 43 runs scored this season, tied for first. Kyle Reynhout has exploded from the plate with runners in scoring position with 16 RBI’s in the first 5 games, impressive numbers. Erik continues to 9 scoreless innings, while Brett finally made his 2017 debut this week giving up a solo shot to Lautenbach on route to a 9-6 to the otters.

Up Next:

Game 6: @ (2-2) Bushleague Badgers

The Badgers looked like a whole new team this past week, mainly because of the resurgence of Jeremiah Wiltjer. Jeremiah looked like his Bomber self this past week as he looks to go against the team who took a chance on him last year. Another in game rivalry is Austin Warner facing off against Kyle Reynhout for the first time this year. With Jake Van Vuren doing the unthinkable last week, yes skipping wiffle ball for softball, Brett hopes he makes the right choice and returns to the squad in a much needed game.

Game 7: @ (5-0) Lake County Liners

Like mentioned before the Bombers lost to the Liners week one. If Brett can match Caleb, and Erik can match Jon, this could be a game. Quinn will look to be the x factor on whether he can keep his 0.00 E.R.A. intact this game. With Caleb and Jon looking to probably pitch 2 innings the first game against the Ovens, Quinn could get two innings in this matchup and be a key factor. Kyle who currently sits 9th in ranking needs to step up his pitching as well as he sits with a 17.05 E.R.A. going into this week’s games. That will be tested with some big bats in the Liners lineup.

#3 127.04 (2-3) Dutch Ovens

Jack Hillegonds looks to make a much-needed return this week. Kyle Jansma was put in a very tough situation a couple weeks ago and chose to stay with the current roster in hopes of a quick return for Jack. It seemed to work in his favor and they need him more than ever. Kyle Jansma was batting .211 with 1 homer before lighting the Otters up for 6 homers in the 6:15 game last week. A much needed boost to his confidence. He followed it up going hitless in a 8-0 beat down to the Badgers. A game where the Ovens finished with 2 hits, both coming from 10 pitch singles from Greg.

Up Next:

Game 6: vs (5-0) Lake County Liners

A huge game in Jack’s return as the Ovens look to hand the Liners the first loss of the season. They will only have to pitch Greg one inning against this squad, but they will have to capitalize on Liner mistakes to pull the upset. It’s hard to say how Caleb will run his rotation with a matchup against the Bombers due up in the second game. Depending on the amount of people we could see a free agent be signed to the Liners as well throwing a loop in a bigtime matchup.

Game 7: @ (2-3) Big Unit Bashers

This will be a completely different game then the first matchup in week 1. The Bashers had no one on the roster playing in that game. Lucas Meidema was recently signed to the Bashers a rookie they lit up for 11 runs last week when he was playing for the Otters. The Bashers have had two walk off wins in the 7:30 games the past 2 weeks. Whoever Kyle marks up to close this one out better be ready for a last minute effort.

#4 119.23 (2-2) Bushleague Badgers

Jared seems very confident in his roster after last week’s games not giving up a single run. A lot was said about the sheriff’s squad after going 0-2. A huge bounce back win against the depleted Truckers was all they needed to get back on their feet. Jared hit his 50th homer off the commissioner, becoming the fourth player in Leroy history to achieve the feet. Jeremiah got back to his pitching ways, even Sammy hit a couple homers. Giving up only two hits to Kyle Jansma and Matt Dykstra was a huge team defeat. The only negative is the Warner Whammy Watch increased to 43 total at bats. Austin now leads the league for career at bats without a home run.

Up Next:

Game 6 vs. (3-2) Jager Corn Bombers

This will be a big matchup that will show if this Badger team is the real deal. The Badgers are a career 2-4 against the Bombers, yet have a 33-25 (+8) run differential in the 6 games. The Bombers won all 4 matchups against the Badgers last season scoring only 4 runs in those games. It will be interesting to see if Jared goes to Jeremiah in the #1 slot up against his old team.

Game 7 vs. (3-1) Free Agent Otters

The Badgers are in good position to solidify themselves as the second best team in the league. With a win against the Bombers, they can follow it up with a win against a very different looking Otter squad. The Badgers never faced the Otters week 1 due to not enough people playing that week. It could be pivotal in playoff spots as both these teams will have played one less game then everyone else at the end of the year. That is if 25 + people come each week for the rest of the season. This will be the official first matchup between the two teams.

#5 115.13 (3-1) Free Agent Otters

The Otters were without their unsung hero in week 2. Shane Anderson was signed by the Liners for both of last week’s games. Shane went unsigned yet again with a 50+ salary after week 3 games. Shane and Alex Friedman have taken the Otters as their own in an effort of a ORWBL team takeover. It looks to be a lot harder for this team to win games with guys like Lucas Meidema, Colin Lautenbach, and Garret Lytle getting signed last week by teams. Nathan Zuidema and Brad Kamstra become Otters, both looking to prove the team’s that released them wrong. The Otters could be a team of pissed of ex’s looking to ruin team’s playoff hopes come August.

Up Next:

Game 6: (1-4) Backdoor Sliders

The Sliders have struggled to make ends meet in the first few games. If the Otters can muster up a win here and get to 4 wins in the first go around with every team that would be huge in them making a run at a decent seed.

Game 7: (2-2) Bushleaugue Badgers

The Otters main goal in this game is to keep Warner’s Whammy Watch alive and kicking. Some rumors have surfaced a few more ORWBL guys may make an appearance this week, leading to how good this otter team could become.

#6 101.24 (1-4) Backdoor Sliders

Jordan made another big move this week signing Garret Lytle, the guy who homered off his team last week to win the game. Garret looks to have a lot of potential and with the previous week’s signing of Ryan this team could do some damage. Robby has unbelievably under achieved this year posting a .346 batting average with only 2 homers in 26 at bats. This is a career .500+ batting average batter who needs to find himself and soon. If he can get Robby coming week to week and Jordan keep playing like his normal self this team will do damage. I am shocked owner’s still have this squad 8th after his moves, but I guarantee the Sliders will slowly move their way up the standings.

Up Next:

Game 6 (3-1) Free Agent Otters

It starts with the Otters, with a lot of uncertainty’s in this team’s roster, the Sliders can’t mess around. They have to hit them hard and often. The main question will be if Jordan can finally make it on time to choice his lineup or if he will be slated in the 4 slot yet again.

Game 7: (1-4) Leroy Truckers

The battle of the bottom, both teams are sitting with only 1 win after the first 5. Both teams made moves this week which will make this game very interesting. No team wants to face the Liners in the opening round of the playoffs, so teams are going to be doing everything they can to stay out of the 8 spot. Winning these games will be huge.

#7 95.46 (2-3) Big Unit Bashers

They walked off yet again. This team could have won their game against the otters as well in week 2, a game that was cut short after 4 innings. If that is the case they would be looking at 3-2 record. Grant made a huge move releasing the dynamic Nathan Zuidema and signing Lucas Meidema. Nathan expressed frustration in Grant last season when he wouldn’t sign him come playoff time, they seemed to bury the hatchet this year when Grant took him in the third round. It looks to get even worse than before after dropping him yet again. The move could make Grant a Championship contender if his two rookie’s make the impact many think they will. Lucas hit a homer in his first pitch he saw last week of his career, yet let up 11 runs in that first game. Jon looks like he’s going to miss yet another week of games meaning the Bashers will only have 3 this week. Wouldn’t it be great if Nathan was signed as their fourth player as a now Free Agent Otter.

Up Next:

Game 6: @ (1-4) Leroy Truckers

This is a big game for both teams. If Grant can win this he goes back to .500 after 6 games. Many had this team not even winning 3 games all year. With Neil scheduled to miss yet another week, the Truckers could be with only 3 guys as well depending if Sitter can make it. Marty will face Tim for the first time as opponents after being teammates last season.

Game 7: vs (2-3) Dutch Ovens

Like I said before the first time these two teams met it was completely different. The Ovens look to have Jack back, but I think it could still get interesting. It will be interesting to see who Kyle slots in the #2 spot. That player will have to pitch twice against this Basher team who is looking motivated to make some noise. The question will remain is if they will lose some hype do to the loss of Nathan Zuidema. Lucas and Marty aren’t overly expressive players. The whole dynamic of this team seems to have changed with the departure of Nathan.

#8 90.37 (1-4) Leroy Truckers

The Truckers are blowing pitching records out of the water, and not in a good way. A team 14.78 E.R.A. doesn’t look good. Combine that with a league worst .339 batting average and you have the worst team in the league. With Brad Kamstra in last place in batting average, Tim made a move to sign the slugger Colin Lautenbach. Colin who fought an injury last season made a surprising return last week when he hit a fast pitch homer off Brett Detmar. Although his pitching will need time to get back into the swing of things his bat speed looks incredible. This will hopefully be a spark for a team that scored 0 runs the last 3 games.

Up Next:

Game 6: (2-3) Big Unit Bashers

The Truckers are a career 3-1 against the Bashers, with all 4 of those matchups coming in 2014 when the Bashers were known as the Muffin Men. If Sitter and Colin make the trip the Truckers will be the favorite in this game. Tim’s recent pitching struggles have been very clear and known throughout the league. If they can keep that in check this is a very winnable game.

Game 7: @ (1-4) Backdoor Sliders

These teams played twice back in 2014, splitting both matchups. Ironically Colin Lautenbach was on that Slider’s roster. Colin looks to take on the only team he has every played for in his 8 games between 2014-2016. It will be a big statement for whoever wins this game going forward as both squards made moves they feel will make a huge difference in what their records show.

Last week’s notes: Last week we had the 36th player make their way to the field this season. The most we have ever had in one year was 35 in 2014. We also had 2 more new guys come last week, the 11th and 12th of this season, and the 55th and 56th all time.

With the 36th person coming it is confirmed we will at least have 9 teams next season. 8 Player owned teams and the free agent otters will return. We still want to see growth, keep inviting friends and family!! Keep the Leroy train moving. Get signed up for Week 4 on June 7 now!!!!!

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