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Leroy Wiffle Association

Week 2 Power Rankings

#1 162.11 – (3-0) Lake County Liners

The Liners move to the top spot and have it all to themselves with 6 points. They are pitching lights out early in the season. A 2.00 E.R.A. throughout 15 innings in best in the league. They also lead the league in strikeouts and have yet to give up one homerun. They outscored the Badgers and Sliders 17-5 in the sweep of games. Jon Gibson made his 2017 debut in skinny jeans and timberlands, maybe he thought his team name was the flamers instead of liners.

Next Up: vs. (1-2) Big Unit Bashers, @ (1-2) Leroy Truckers

#2: 143.01 – (2-1) Jager Corn Bombers

The Bombers led by Brett….scratch that, led by Erik Detmar made a huge statement last week. Yes the wind was blowing out, but they still have to hit the ball. Scoring a record breaking 20 runs against the Truckers the Bombers powered their way into the 2nd spot in the standings and power rankings. This all coming without their fearless leader Mr. Leroy, Brett Detmar.

Next Up: @ (1-2) Backdoor Sliders, vs. (2-0) Free Agent Otters

#3: 125.59 – (2-0) Free Agent Otters

Yep you read that right. A team with no owner sits third with a 2-0 record, led by ORWBL players Shane Anderson and Alex Friedman this week, the otters scored 21 runs. This team will change week to week with signings, but if Shane performs like he did this week all year, no team will have enough cap to sign him. This means if he comes often he could lead this team into the playoffs with a roster of his choice. A very dangerous roster at that, of course he would have to stay under cap restrictions, but all of a sudden this Otters team isn’t a guaranteed win like everyone thought.

Next Up: @ (1-2) Dutch Ovens, @ (2-1) Jager Corn Bombers

#4: 122.17 – (1-2) Dutch Ovens

Last week was the Ovens worst nightmare, the games were called due to wind. While picking up balls, Jack Hillegonds went down and hard suffering a severely sprained ankle. His return is in question for the rest of the year leaving Kyle Jansma to make a big decision to wait, or make adjustments. After losing both games this past week, that decision needs to be made sooner than later. Although they have the second best E.R.A. this team has only scored 11 runs in 3 games. Jansma is unrecognizable and with Greg having to field every inning this team has gaping holes in the defense.

Next Up: vs. (2-0) Free Agent Otters, @ (0-2) Bushleague Badgers

#5: 113.08 – (1-2) Backdoor Sliders

Robby Zandstra is back, big news that had many in question if he would come back after all the offseason managerial changes. Knowing Robby is going to make an effort jump started Jordan to look to build around the stud, who in reality had an awful week from the plate where he usually shines. They got a big win against the Ovens, and tried to stay relevant against the Liners. It looks like its going to be a signature Sliders season: Scrappy, unpredictable, and always Dangerous.

Up Next: vs. (2-1) Jager Corn Bombers, @ (1-2) Big Unit Bashers

#6: 112.28 – (1-2) Leroy Truckers

Many had this team going 3-0 with games against a Brett-less Bombers and the Otters, but the Commissioner had other plans. With the games being moved from Wednesday, to Thursday, the games fell on his birthday. A few to many beers later left the Truckers almost unrecognizable on the field. They have a team E.R.A. of 18.49 after 3 games and with even Sitter struggling no one to lead from the mound. Knowing Tim personally the fun and games are over and it will be back to business come week 3.

Up Next: vs. (0-2) Bushleague Badgers, vs. (3-0) Lake County Liners

#7: 109.09 – (1-2) Big Unit Bashers

A three run walk off Homer was all this team needed to fuel them for the rest of the season. Newly acquired Jon Newcomb launched one to deep center to grab the Bashers their first win of 2017 in hopes of gaining some momentum going into the year. The team was amped up after the games and have surprised many owners to throwing them completely away to now give them a glance. Marty looks a lot more comfortable in not only helping Grant lead the team, but with the guys in the league in general going into his second year.

Up Next: @ (3-0) Lake County Liners, vs. (1-2) Backdoor Sliders

#8 72.68 – (0-2) Bushleague Badgers

Woah… did anyone see this coming after the first week? Many owners had doubts, but I don’t think anyone had them playing this poor. Only 6 runs in 10 innings won’t get it done, especially with a team E.R.A. of 10.29. The signing of Austin Warner was under huge scrutiny, and with Jeremiah and Sam’s massive struggles from the mound things could get ugly quick. I feel like this team feels like wins will come easy to them and maybe week 1 was a huge awakening to how deep the league has become. The little things matter, and they better figure that out soon.

Up Next: @ (1-2) Leroy Truckers, vs. (1-2) Dutch Ovens

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