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Leroy Wiffle Association

Week 1 Power Rankings

#1: 153.96 - (1-0) Dutch Ovens

The Dutch Ovens start out fresh and hot just like a slow cooked ham. A big season opening 7-1 win over the Bashers solidifies them as a power house right? Let's turn off the burners, although it was a great win they beat a Bashers team with no one actually from the team playing for it. The only real disappointment from the opening game was Kyle himself. He gave up 3 hits and allowed the only run in the game. He placed himself third in the order, something he hasn't seen his whole career usually being the 1 or 2 on a team. Greg found ways to get on hitting 0.667 and Jack reminded everyone how good he is with a 2 homer night. Matt shut down the critics pitching 2 innings of no hit, 5 k work winning pitcher of the week.

Next Up: @ (0-1) Backdoor Sliders, @ (0-1) Jager Corn Bombers

#2: 148.37 - (1-0) Lake County Liners

Caleb had to grab 3 guys from the free agent pool this week and barely stunk through the defending champs. The Liners caught a break when Brett announced he would be unable to make opening night. This game would have gone a bit different, but they grab 4 runs in the top of the 5th to start the Liners Franchise on a winning note. Caleb played like his usually self hitting 0.571 and pitching two scoreless innings getting the save. The question remains on the long turn progressions of the Liners. Joel Mance has officially been released making room for the signing of Quinn Cloghessy to the team. We don't often see newcomers signed right away, but Caleb needs some reliability and with Quinn seeking to come week after week he will get that.

Next Up: @ (0-0) Bushleague Badgers, vs. (0-1) Backdoor Sliders

#3: 136.90 - (1-0) Leroy Truckers

A come from behind win gets the Truckers moving in the right direction. The Truckers took advantage of some new guys on the Sliders and exploded from the plate. A 10-9 win led by Tim Wiltjer's 2 homers and 6 rbi's. Andrew Sitter and Branden Swanson also hit homers in the game. Andrew Sitter and Tim Wiltjer only gave up 3 runs in 4 innings pitched for the Truckers who struggled to pitch throughout the windy night. With Aaron and Jake not showing up, Tim immediately made a move releasing Aaron and resigning Neil Krooswyk who was released by the Badgers. Then signing rookie Brad Kamstra for Jake Olthoff.

Next Up: @ (0-1) Jager Corn Bombers, vs. (0-0) Free Agent Otters (If Neccessary)

#4: 120.00 - (0-0) Bushleague Badgers

The whole team made it to the games this week, but with a bye they played for other teams. Jared hit 3 homers and Jeremiah pitched a scoreless inning. Sam had a lot of struggles on the mound, and Neil struggled from the plate. Jared released Neil in a surprise move that brought in Austin Warner to the squad.

Next Up: vs. (1-0) Lake County Liners, @ (0-1) Big Unit Bashers

#5: 111.29 - (0-1) Backdoor Sliders

Some very questionable managing by Jordan could have cost in the opener. Arriving late to the game, Jordan threw both rookies into the 1,2 spot of the pitching rotation and lineup. Evan Sylvester was thrown into the gauntlet in his first career game being forced not only to be the #1 for the team, but save the game as well. Jordan had two homer runs after getting only 1 all of last year. He looked poised and ready to go this year after struggling all of 2016.

Next Up: vs. (1-0) Dutch Ovens, @ (1-0) Lake County Liners

#6: 89.72 - (0-1) Jager Corn Bombers

It's mother's day today and Brett spend Wednesday night will his mother. He's a great son and we should all give him a slow clap. On the same note his effect on the team was highlighted on Wednesday. The team without Brett was able to go into the 5th inning tied on the Liners, before ultimately giving up four runs, a inning Brett would have pitched had he been there. Erik looked great from the mound with an increased velocity. Kyle left off right where he ended last year, making plans and getting people out from the mound. Jake had a great first inning before falling apart and losing the game. This team struggled to hit and although they saw Caleb and Jeremiah for 3 of the 5 innings. They should have got more than 1 run against Jon and Austin, Austin, who might I had gave up no hits in his inning of work.

Next Up: vs. (1-0) Leroy Truckers, vs. (1-0) Dutch Ovens

#7: 79.75 - (0-1) Big Unit Bashers

Grant decided he wasn't going to show due to the fact it might rain. Setting a great example for a roster that other than Marty has attendance issues. With Marty coaching baseball and out for the first few weeks, Grant has to get something going. He released his second round pick to sign newcomer Jon Newcomb. With Nathan still in school with a potential internship this team could fall apart before it ever gets pieced together. Till we see this team in action we don't have much to say.

Next Up: vs. (0-0) Free Agent Otters (If Necessary), vs. (0-0) Bushleague Badgers

#8: 0.00 - (0-0) Free Agent Otters

This team has been created due to the increase in interest this season. Instead of a team being on a bye if we have over 24 people come any given week, the bye team will play the newly acclaimed Free Agent Otters!!!!!!! This team will have no owner and will be made up of all the free agents. It will not play any games if we have 24 players or less show up for the week. Each week the players who are still unsigned will be signed to teams via cards, the remaining 3-4 players will create a free agent team and compete. This team will have a record and stats, as well as compete in the playoffs. The manager of the team will be determined by the free agent with the highest ranking at the end of the season. Now this isn't highest salary, but highest ranking. Meaning it will be determined by not only skill (salary), but by attendance (qualify) as well. We hope to do a couple videos to explain the whole process, but just know if you aren't on a team, you technically are still on a team for this season. Not only that but you will be automatically entered into next season's draft! So come every week, perform at your best, and be a part of the fun!

Next Up: @ (0-1) Big Unit Bashers (If Necessary), @ (1-0) Leroy Truckers (If Necessary)

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