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Leroy Wiffle Association

Leroy: Behind The Scenes

Wednesday nights for 3 months in the summer, display a fun and competitive atmosphere of wiff in Leroy Indiana. But what a lot of people outside and even inside of Leroy don’t know is how much time and effort is put in for Leroy to run smoothly and efficiently. This weeks post is more informational in feel, describing the different roles and leaders within Leroy but also as a tribute to those who have helped grow the league and to those who will in the future.

Board of Directors:

1. We of course have to start with our commissioner. Tim Wiltjer is the brainchild and undisputed leader of Leroy. It was the energy and spark from him in 2014 that really got the league going. He has created fields, a stats system, and video coordination pretty much by himself. He has the league moving in the right direction, and has put the right people in the right places to ensure league growth continues at an attainable rate. Tim’s secondary duties as manager of the Leroy Legends are not to be overlooked as well as he led the legends to a 7th place finish in 2016.

2. Kyle Reynhout- The “voice of reason” Kyle has been a steadying force for the Board of directors. He handles all the financial duties for the league but also brings great professional leadership to the league that is desperately needed. When it comes to anything that has to do with monetarial growth for the league expect Kyle to be leading the charge.

3. Brett Detmar- As production manager for Leroy, Brett Detmar has found his niche and has flourished. Brett has been crucial in handling new logistics for the league, whether it be transportation venues, golf outing logistics, or finding new members for the league. His passion is evident in his willingness to do whatever it takes to grow Leroy. Brett’s greatest is his ability to adapt quickly. He is the league “handyman” and can do whatever is needed of him.

4. Caleb Jonkman- Caleb has been doing a good job in promotion of the league as marketing manager. He has established a healthy and sustainable relationship with the maple city magic and ORWBL out of Laporte Indiana. He also does a great job organizing many things within Leroy’s event infrastructure with his main focus being the golf outing. Look for Caleb to take bigger steps with field maitnence as well this year.

5. Greg Gierling- Greg has embraced and become a star in the social media aspect of Leroy. His podcast going corn is receiving national attention as many leagues are beginning to follow suit. Greg will be instrumental in connecting members and teams in Leroy together, with also helping outsiders become familiar with Leroy protocol and members.

League Subcommittees

1. Jared Jonkman- Jared has been a consistent member of Leroy for 3 years, but has finally found his expertise. Jared has taken over league logo duties and has excelled. He has redesigned logos for the legends, going corn, and all the teams in Leroy. Look for him to continue to make big contributions in this area.

2. Sam Staal- Sam looks to be huge in field maitenence this year. Look for sam to be taking care of the pregame and day to day duties that our fields need in Leroy to be legit. Sam will be very effective in this role.

Our league is growing at a rate we couldn’t even imagine 3 years ago. As we grow, opportunites for leadership and help will continue to rise up. If you are interested in helping Leroy grow please let any of our board of directors know. We are always looking for guys to step up and make us better. As always thank you for reading and your time.

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