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Pre National Article #1 – Predictions.

Alright being a new team to the tournament, we really don’t have much to go by other than some film and what we saw at regionals. Based upon that I used a random number generator to predict pool play and the tournament and here’s what it came up with. It doesn’t look to accurate, but hey it’s wiffleball you never know.

#16 – BWBL Breaker Boys (0-5) The only thing this team is gonna break is their bats after 5 straight losses.

#15 – LWA Legends of Leroy (2-3) Even the number generator has us finishing in the back. Maybe we are Legends in our own minds.

#14 - KWL Keggers (1-4) The generator had them going to Dangerfield yet again… and losing in the Dangerfield Championship. The Keggers were big time players in Regionals and took over Michigan. After this team polishes off its keg, they will take turns filling it back up with tears all the way back to next year’s regional when they will have to fight for a spot yet again.

#13 – HFWB Hitmen (3-2) Going 3-0 in pool play to lose both DE games and then come back to win Dangerfield. Has this generator been drinking with the Keggers or what. The Hitmen get shot up yet again.

#12 BCW Keg Crushers (1-5) If this team somehow gets a damn win I’ll personally buy them a keg to crush.

#11 SWBL Cardinals (2-4) 1-2 in pool play followed up by 1-2 in DE….. This team will spark some interest with its beautiful red color, and big bats. Then it will realize its just a bird and get blown away to a rough National finish.

#10 GAWL Stars (3-3) This rookie league seems to just “float” around… decent performance from the Stars.

#9 WWF New Wiffle Order (3-3) Does this order include having to qualify for the tournament next year. No takeover from this squad.

#8 HWL Blizzard (….. Oh Wait that’s right this team didn’t make it my bad.

#8 MNWA North Stars (2-5) Another team with stars in it… that’s spectacular. Somehow they qualify for 2017, at this point is anyone taking this generator seriously.

#7 HRL All Stars (3-4) You got to be kidding me right. Stars again. Can we ban the team name stars next year please.

#6 WSEM Dads (5-3) Sorry no 3 peat this year. Its becoming a young man’s game.

#5 TBW Lightning (6-2) A storm’s brewing in Ohio again this year, unfortunately we brought an umbrella, ella, ella eh eh eh.

#4 HVWBL River Monsters (5-4) I can’t help but think of this team as a bunch of savage’s from the show swamp people catching gators with 3 Marlboro reds in their mouth. A good run for the toothless Monster’s indeed.

#3 GBL Fat Cats (6-3)– Living large in the big ole town of Griffith. You know your rolling large when your right next to the former Murder Capital of the world. The Kitties lose a heartbreaker and fail to reach the finals.

#2 PWL Nationals (8-3)– Galloway’s beloved give them everything they got only to fall just a bit short. It’s almost like what will happen in October when the Cubbies ruin the Nationals chance at glory.

#1 OCWA Freaky Franchise (8-2)– They got freaky with it and grab their 2nd championship. Maybe next year change your name to The Disco Dynasty.

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