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Leroy Wiffle Association

New Logo, New Era

With the tournament looming and the shot of heading to Ohio on the line the LWA has produced a simpler logo based on the 3 keys to the league.

1. Wiffleball - This is obvious, the purpose the league was created. Built on the satisfaction of hitting a white ball over a orange fence trying to go 5,6, maybe even 7 corn rows deep.

2. Indiana - The Hoosier state, where almost all players reside. Proud to be in a state with leagues like GBL and ORWBL which our less than an hour away. Trying to help the cause of making Indiana the greatest Wiffle State in the World.

3. P&C Trucking - Biggest sponser to the league check them out on facebook. Provided all stone and the equipment to move it.

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Featured Posts

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