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Leroy Wiffle Podcast Network

Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat

This podcast is hosted by Tim Wiltjer.

Fireside Chat will be added to the 2018 Podcast Network, with a few panelists each show they will dive into controversial questions, both Nationally and Local.

S1:E1 Owners

S1:E2 Championship vs. Stats

S1:E3 Diamond Dusters

S1:E4 Flyin' Hawaiians

S1:E5 Noble Narwhals

S1:E6 Leroy Truckers

S1:E7 Lake County Liners

S1:E8 Backdoor Sliders

S1:E9 Sultans of Soy

S1:E10 Squints Sluggers

S1:E11 Opening Day with Tapper

S1:E12 Week 2 with Kachow

Going Corn

This podcast is hosted by Greg Gierling and Caleb Jonkman.

Going Corn will return in 2018 as the main provider for all your up to date information, as well as league interviews.

S2:E1 Draft Recap

S2:E2 Do You Love Me?

S2:E3 James Haworth

S2:E4 Austin Warner

S2:E5 Opening Weeks!

S2:W6 Making Money Moves

Strike Zone

This podcast is hosted by Brett and Erik Detmar

The Strikezone will make a return to the 2018 season.  They will debate transactions, game results, anything and everything that happens throughout the season.

S2:E1 This One's for Rizzy

Two Wiffle Dudes Podcast Network

The Two Wiffle Dudes Podcast Network was created by Carl Coffee.  It is currently a network of 5 shows that tackle every aspect of the sport.  The main show of the network is the Two Wiffle Dudes show.

The first episode of the original show, Two Wiffle Dudes, aired on September 30, 2015.  Carl Coffee and Josh Smith interviewed Jimmy Cole.  The show continues to thrive and is the must listen for all your wiffle ball interviews.  The show has mainly focused on NWLA leagues and the NWLA tournament, but is slowly branching out into other aspects of the sport.  With most of the shows being interviews, they also announce the NWLA awards as well as give big tournament analysis and predictions.  

Around the World of Wiffle


Around the World of Wiffle is a show based off Around the Horn.  Four panelists answer questions and are awarded points based on their answers.

Inside the NWLA

This show is hosted by Jacob Davey (WILL).  He interviews commissioners and players from new NWLA leagues as well as leagues who don't have a strong NWLA presence. 

Good Eye Podcast

This show is hosted by Brandon Corbett (WSEM) and Trent Steffes (MNWA).

The show has no guests and talks jersey's and logos.

Commissionary Position

This show is hosted by Josh Smith and Patrick Rayl (HWL).  The show interviews former and current commissioners and discusses what it takes to run a league.

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