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2015 season




Roster: Kevin Vroegh, Caleb Jonkman, Matt Dykstra, Nathan Zuidema

The 2015 season brought some disappointment.  We expanded to 8 teams this year, but with only 25(21 Returning, 4 New) people attending all year we had forfeits every week.  

2015 draft

The 2015 Draft was done over Facebook Messenger.  We had 4 new owners this season and a total of 8 total teams.  Kevin Vroegh had the first pick in the draft, he changed colors and his name going into 2015 as the Blue and Black Fantastic Four.  The 2nd pick belonged to 2014 MVP Alan Myzskowski he went with Red and Grey naming his club the Southside Sluggers.  The 3rd belonged to the Backdoor Sliders, Jordan Mosel kept the name but went with Black and Red this year.  Jared named his team the Bushleague Badgers going with Green and White.  Fifth pick went to Nick Fiene who went with Orange and Yellow and named his team the Legends of Leroy.  A name that would become the face of the league's national team.  Grant Reynhout rebranded as the Soup A Stars going with a White and Blue color scheme.  Another newcomer Brett Detmar labeled his team the Brewcrew Screwballs with Grey and Orange.  The final pick in the draft went to the defending Champion Chainsmokers who kept the Yellow and Green as the colors.  

Kevin skipped over his 2014 teammate to select Caleb Jonkman with the first pick in the draft.  Sam Staal went 2nd to Alan's Sluggers, both wouldn't play a game in 2015.  Jordan reconnected with Colin, Jared signed his Smoker teammate Robby.  Nick selected Austin Gibson with his first pick, with Jon going next, to reunite with Grant.  Ironically Austin never played a game and Jon would go on to win 2015 Mr. Leroy.  

2015 season

The start of the 2015 season was not what everyone was looking for.  No one from the Sluggers or Screwballs showed up leading to both teams not getting any games.  The two team's from the previous season's Championship made a statement early.  Both teams winning both opening day games.  

Week two came with forfeits, the 3-1 Stars won a big game against the Chainsmokers, and the Badgers grabbed two wins as well getting to 3-1.  

In week 3 we finally saw the Sluggers play a game in which they lost, putting them at 0-4.  The 0-6 Legends sit at the bottom after 2 losses yet again.  The 5-1 Soup A Stars and 5-1 Fantastic Four lead the league with the defending champion Chainsmokers sitting at 4-2.  After week 3 we finally saw some changes, Grant made a big move releasing Ben Byma to sign the dynamic lefty Jack Hillegonds.  Nick released John Hayes and signed Aaron Barnes in search of his first win.

Week 4 had the the 0-5 Sluggers going up against the 0-7 Legends a contest the Legends came through and won.  Fantastic pulled through with 2 more wins grabbing first place solely with a 7-1 record.  In a surprising move, Brett Detmar released Matt Dykstra and signed Stan Srocynzski. 

The final week rolls around with two big wins from the 7-3 Bushleague Badgers sending them into the #3 seed.  The 4-5-1 Chainsmokers and 4-5-1 Backdoor Sliders tie the final game as they finish as the #5 and #6 seed.  The Brewcrew Screwballs sign slugger Bo Hofstra and released Stan heading into the playoffs.  Kevin makes a last minute swap as well releasing Ben and signing Matt Dykstra.  

The bottom five teams looked on as the top 3 teams were the only teams with a positive run differential.  With no one from the 0-8 Sluggers every even making an at bat, they automatically will forfeit the quarter finals series.  The 1-9 Legends first round draft pick never made an appearance either and the Fiene brothers struggled to find a chemistry without any help.  Jordan's 4-5-1 Backdoor Sliders finally showed up this year, but his team struggled to produce finishing with the same record as the 4-5-1 defending Champions.  Both Sitter and Drew rarely came and Kyle struggled to hold down the fort.  Brett in his first year looked uninterested and struggled to build a team around him and his brother.  Jared, Robby, and Tim looked to be a dominant trio that found a way to win games.  The main focus was on Jon Gibson and Caleb Jonkman, two players have seasons to remember.



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2015 Box Scores

2015 playoffs

The only team with a bye was Kevin Vroegh's Fantastic Four.  The Sluggers didn't have anyone qualified for the playoffs forcing them to forfeit the series.  

The #2 seeded Soup A Stars made up of Jon Gibson, Jack Hillegonds, and Grant Reynhout took on the #7 seeded Legends of Leroy.  The Legends who were made up of Nick and Mike Fiene struggled to hit and pitch losing both in blowout fashion.  

The #3 Bushleague Badgers consisting of Jared Jonkman, Robby Zandstra, and Tim Wiltjer went up against Jordan Mosel, Neil Krooswyk, and Kyle Reynhout off the Backdoor Sliders.  Game 1 featured alot of offense with a total of 14 home runs.  Some questionable calls from both teams toward the end of the game created an intense rivalry.  Everyone homered in the game that went into extras.  Jared's 4 homers helped the Badgers took Game 1, 11-10.  Like the 2014 Ichiros, the Sliders lost all confidence in Game 2 getting smashed 10-1 propelling the Badgers to he next round and another quarter final exit for Jordan. 

The #4 seeded Brewcrew Screwballs were represented by Brett Detmar, Erik Detmar, and Jake Van Vuren.  They went up against the defending champion Chainsmokers with Drew Eenigenburg, Andrew Sitter, and Kyle Jansma.  Game 1 featured 2 homers, one by Jake Van Vuren and one by Kyle Jansma.  Jake's was a 2 run shot and that was all they needed beating the Chainsmokers 2-1.  In game 2 the screwballs limited the Smokers to 0 runs on 3 hits and a Brett Detmar solo shot was all they needed to eek past a hard fighting Smoker team.  

The semi final matchups were messed up.  Instead of the #1 Fantastic Four going up against the #4 Screwballs, they faced Jared's #3 seeded Bushleague Badgers.  Fantasic had a 2 man roster of Kevin Vroegh and Caleb Jonkman who went up against the trio of Jared, Robby, and Tim.  The dynamic duo smashed 5 homers on route to a 9-3 win in Game 1.  They followed it up with a 7-2 win in game 2 to sweep the series.  

The #2 seeded Soup a Stars caught a break in matching up against the #4 seeded Screwballs, or did they.  The Stars were without Grant Reynhout so Jon Gibson and Jack Hillegonds matched up against Brett Detmar, Erik Detmar, and Jake Van Vuren.  The screwballs struck out the Stars 19 times on route to a 4-0 in a game that went to 8 innings, Brett homered twice in the 8th.  The screwballs had 5 hits in game 2, but couldn't find a way to get a run in.  Jack's homer was the difference maker as the Stars grabbed game 2 with a 2-0 win sending it to a third sudden death game.  Jon Gibson pitched a 1-2-3 strikeout inning to start the game, then in the first at bat of the bottom half he jacked a homer to seal the deal with a 1-0 Stars victory. 

With both teams advancing with 2 man rosters, the owners mandated a 3 roster minimum for the playoffs for the Championship and so on. 

The Championship was what everyone expected, the #1 seeded Fantastic vs. #2 Stars.  Fantastic had the whole roster, Kevin Vroegh, Caleb Jonkman, Nathan Zuidema, and Matt Dykstra playing his first game for his team after being signed just before the playoffs.  Grant Reynhout and Jon Gibson couldn't get another teammate so he was forced to sign Tim Wiltjer for the Championship series.  No home runs were hit in either game, but Fantastic found a way to get guys in scoring 5 runs off Grant on route to a 6-1 game 1 win.  Game 2 went into extra innings where Nathan Zuidema got on for Matt to get a hit to send in the winning run and seal the sweep for the Championship that was stripped from Kevin the year before.  

playoff roster

playoff results

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