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Leroy Wiffle Association

The Rivalry Continues

Wiffle Tuesday?!!?! With Hurricane Alberto sweeping the region with fierce wind and rain the games were scheduled to Tuesday this week. Even with the change of date we still saw a filled roster with 42 players yet again including the return of Fantastic Four owner and 2015 Champion Kevin Vroegh. We saw a couple Granger Panthers from ORWBL make their way out there as well. It was a great night that saw the greatest rivalry in Leroy’s history. The Bushleague Badgers played the Backdoor sliders for the 16th time, the most of any two teams. Ironically, the Badgers had a 15 point lead they saw disappear as they lost 16-15. Anyway let’s break down week 4!

Batting Average: 0.407 Season Average: 0.418

Slugging Percentage: 0.854 Season Average: 0.867

Homers: 65 Season Average: 61.25

Runs: 138 Season Average: 134.25

Strikeouts: 120 Season Average: 137.50

Hits: 203 Season Average: 205.0

At Bats: 499 Season Average: 491

E.R.A. 8.23 Season Average: 8.33

Innings Pitched: 100 2/3 Season Average: 96.75

For the first time in Leroy’s history we had 100+ innings pitched with one game needing 8 innings to finish. After two straight weeks of 55 homers we saw that number hit 65 with the longball flowing on a gorgeous night.

Player of the Week - #34 Jack Hillegonds (Leroy Truckers)

The #1 Selection in the draft finally lived up to the hype getting player of the week even when one up his homers was taken away from the Bitchfits. Jack went 8 for 12 on the night with 5 Homers and 8 RBI’s. He got the win against the Hawaiians and pitched 3 Innings of 2 ER, 4 k work.

Batter of the Week - #25 Jon Gibson (Backdoor Sliders)

Jon is yodeling his way back to his old self. He went 10 for 14 with 6 Homers and 12 RBI’s on the night. He helped the Sliders come back to defeat the rival Badgers and got a big win on Facebook Live against the Sluggers.

Pitcher of the Week - #14 Brett Detmar (Corn Bombers)

Brett is getting back into peak form for the Bombers even if his team is struggling. He pitched 3 innings of work striking out every single batter he faced on the night. Finally getting his first award of the year. A dazzling performance from a trashy team.

Let’s dive into hot and not babyyyyyyy.


  1. #31 John Eenigenburg (Sultans of Soy)

John was the 2nd best pitcher this week giving up 1 hit (it was a homer) in 3 innings of work. He got his league leading 4th win of the year and had 7 k’s to back it up. A solid performance to help the Sultans win their 3rd and 4th games in a row.

  1. #11 Austin Williams (Free Agent)

Newcomer to the league with ORWBL experienced showed promise from both the mound and the plate. He pitched 2 shut out innings with 4 k’s to go with a 5 for 11 night from the plate with 2 Homers and 5 RBI’s. Who said these slow pitch guys can’t come out and compete right away?


  1. #21 Jason Hillegonds (Lake County Liners)

One Hillegonds was on the top, the other not so much. Jason had 2 hits in 13 at bats with 4 k’s from the plate. To add insult to injury he gave up 7 runs in 2 innings getting a loss on the night in a tough night that got him dropped from the Liners and shipped to the Dusters.

  1. #19 Robert Warren (Squints Sluggers)

Through much of the year we have seen an improved Rob from both the mound and the plate. He took a step backward this week giving up 7 runs in 2 innings getting the loss against the Sliders. He had an ok day from the plate going 4 for 11 but had no RBI’s.

Team Power Rankings

1st – 149.23: Lake County Liners (6-1): After a week away from the #1 spot the Liners are back on top. They had one game against the Clams and they gutted it out to move to 6-1 on the year with 3 runs in the final inning of a then tie game. James Haworth couldn’t make the matchup as Brian Travis stepped in to help the Liners get the win. Last Week: 2nd

2nd – 134.83: Bushleague Badgers (4-3) The Badgers some how keep 2nd place in the standings after an atrocious week. They blew a 15-0 nothing game against rival Sliders and lost to the Sultans in a game they seemed out of after the first pitch. Shane Anderson saw a decent debut from the plate, but struggled mightily from the mound. With Ryan Barnes bailing last minute Brett Shepard (Granger Panther) played for the Badgers. Last Week: 1st

3rd – 131.73: Squint Sluggers (4-3) The “Bitchfits” complained their way to a win over the Truckers in game one as the pitchers on this team have the eyes of an owl and can call foul balls while on the mound. They got destroyed in game 2 by the Sluggers as Ben Huff made his 2018 debut for Luke Prince who was unseen yet again. Last Week: 3rd

4th – 131.17: Sultans of Soy (6-2) The Sluggers moved up a slot and welcomed Kevin Vroegh back to Leroy with open arms. Micah Hescott was working his night shift and Abercrombie and Vroegh made a great comeback to help the Sultans get 2 big wins to improve to a league high 4 game winning streak. Last week: 5th

5th – 130.93: Leroy Clams (5-2) The Clams keep finding ways to win games and keep winning on Facebook Live. They are now 3-0 on Harambe after another defeat this time over the Hawaiians in a game that went to 8 innings before getting decided. A tough loss for a team that seems to be in every extra inning game. Last Week: 4th

6th – 124.78: Leroy Truckers (2-5) The Truckers jump 2 spots this week as their record doesn’t show how dominate this team has been from the mound. They give up just 7 runs this week and still have the 2nd best E.R.A. in the league. The bats finally came alive for Jack who hit 5 Homers in 5 straight at bats against the Hawaiians in a much needed win. Last Week: 8th

7th – 122.39: Diamond Dusters (5-3) The Dusters keep finding ways to win with a roster that still has Samantha Gromola listed on it. The Dusters played the Bombers and Narwhals this week, teams that are combined to be 2-12. A win is still a win and they finally have a much needed bye next week as they hope to get some needed salary cap space. Last Week: 6th

8th – 118.79: Backdoor Sliders (3-4) Jon Gibson has single handily changed this franchise around. The Sliders had some huge mishaps this week in penalties as both Quinn and Brad backed out giving Jordan penalties that push him over his cap forcing him to make some big decisions in the upcoming weeks. It was a bitter sweet week that saw them score 30+ runs and jump a spot in the rankings. Last Week: 9th

9th – 110.37: Flyin’ Hawaiians (3-5) The Hawaiians are free falling right now and fast, for the first time this year they were swept and it was two big losses. The newly formed Hawaiians are still missing their owner who seems to be exploring the world as his team falls apart. They move into the bottom four of the league in the standings entering the death bracket and fall 2 spots in the rankings. Last Week: 7th

10th – 105.96: Corn Bombers (1-6) Everyone says the Bombers will be fine…. Will they though. They played 2 games with their full lineup and ended up with 2 more losses as Brett Detmar struck out every single batter he faced. Erik leaving his side might be more harm than we thought this year. Last Week: 10th

11th – 92.82: Noble Narwhals (1-6) The Narwhals are at least competing in games. They only had one this week as they took a loss to the Dusters, Jackson is going to need some help if this team wants to start making an impact. Last Week: 11th

Facebook Live Games

Opening Slot (4-3) Squint Sluggers at (6-1) Lake County Liners

Caleb and the J’s… oh wait Jason is gone and Alec Gerlach is in. The Liners look to take on the Squints in a star studded matchup. Erik is currently 4th in the MVP race and Caleb sits 2nd. These 2 lefties have had great years from both the plate and mound. The key in this game will be what happens in innings 2-4. What can the role guys do and who can hold their own. The Liners played a T.V. game against the Truckers a few weeks back and got the win, and the Sluggers had a T.V. game last week as they lost to the Sliders by nearly double digits. Sam Staal will be on the mic with his co host still TBD.

Second Slot (4-3) Bushleague Badgers at (2-5) Leroy Truckers

The Badgers are a career 3-0 against the Truckers beating them in every matchup last season. Tim Wiltjer was a Badger the only 2 years he didn’t own a team and had a major fall out with the Badgers after the 2016 season that saw them lose in the opening round matchup of the playoffs. This will be the first time we see the Badgers on Facebook Live as the Truckers have gone 0-2 on the big stage. Marty Rasala and Alex Friedman will be on the mic in what anticipates to be a very big early season matchup.

A big Fireside Chat tomorrow with the Sheriff himself. Jared Jonkman will join the show as we talk about each team. We will give a fun fact, ask a tough question, and break down Wednesday’s lineups and games for each team. Don’t Miss it!!!

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