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S5:W3 The Bottom Rises as the Top Falls

We are a quarter of the way through the 5th season in Leroy’s regular season and it was another beautiful night. We had 42 players attend for the first time in Leroy History. All five fields had 4 on 4 with 2 players on the mic for the T.V. Games. A couple new players made it to the complex including the return of Zack Pruim who played back in 2013 before the league was officially formed. Garret Lytle went through a closed bridge and buried his car, the Narwhals actually won a game, and the Liners actually lost a game. Let’s get into Week 3 recap.

Batting Average: 0.406 Season Average: 0.421

Slugging Percentage: 0.817 Season Average: 0.871

Homers: 55 Season Average: 60.0

Runs: 106 Season Average: 133.0

Strikeouts: 134 Season Average: 143.3

Hits: 191 Season Average: 205.7

At Bats: 470 Season Average: 488.3

E.R.A. 6.67 Season Average: 8.36

Innings Pitched: 95 1/3 Season Average: 95 1/3

The pitching is slowly making its way back. We had 12 scores reach double digits in the first 2 weeks, including 3 games reach 20. This week just 2 scores went over the double digit mark and one of those games was because of extra’s.

Player of the Week - #3 Erik Detmar (Squint’s Sluggers)

Erik had 5 Homers and 9 RBi’s going 8 for 12 this week as the Sluggers lost a close game to the Sultans before beating the Dusters. He got the save in the Duster’s game. He gave up 1 hit and had 6 k’s in 3 innings pitched. This was enough to win his first player of the week award.

Batter of the Week - #5 Jackson Buzea (Noble Narwhals)

Jackson had a great debut for the Narwhals helping them get their first win of the year. Jackson had 4 Homers and 9 hits in 13 at bats. Another great performance giving him his 3rd weekly award and 2nd batter of the week award.

Pitcher of the Week - #13 Caleb Jonkman (Lake County Liners)

There is a possibility he may win this award every single week that he plays both games. He pitched 3 no hit innings with 9 k’s getting a win and a save. The Liners are now 5-1 on the year after losing their first matchup.

This past week had some shocking names in the hot and not category so let’s dive in.


  1. #10 Greg Gierling (Noble Narwhals)

Although his pitching was ranked dead last in Week 3, Greg shocked Leroy with a top 5 batting performance. He belted 4 Homers this week, I’ll repeat he belted 4 Homers this week. He had 1 actual homer in nearly 300 at bats in his career leading up to this week’s games and something felt right today.

  1. #34 Andrew Felde (Free Agent)

I love seeing Free agents have big weeks and that’s just what Felde did. He struggled mightily from the plate and mound in his first week, but came through with some big at bats and innings in his 3rd and 4th career games. He had 2 Homers, 7 RBI’s, and 6 Runs going 7 for 14 from the plate. He pitched 2 innings giving up 1 run with 3 k’s. He was a crucial part in the Badgers getting 2 wins.


  1. #16 Alex Friedman (Diamond Dusters)

Alex had zero hits in 10 at bats with 8 k’s from the plate this week. This was an all time low for the suppose to be #2 player on this roster. He only gave up 1 run in 2 innings pitched, but only had 1 k from the mound as well. A rough week for the ORWBL Commissioner. The Duster’s dropped 2 falling to 3-3 on the year.

  1. #31 Tim Wiltjer (Leroy Truckers)

I put the ORWBL Commissioner in there, so I had to put myself as well. I went 5 for 13, but all were singles with no Homers, RBI’s or Runs. Finally gave up some runs, 4 to be exact in 3 innings pitched and got the loss. The Truckers lost another 2 games and fall to 1-4.

Team Power Rankings

1st - 151.7740 Bushleague Badgesr (4-1): The Bushleague Badgers seem to hitting on all cylinders right where they left last year. Brian Travis made his debut for the Badgers helping them to a couple wins only to learn he had been traded. After starting the season off with a loss the Badgers have won 4 straight games. The Badgers sign Ryan Barnes back to the team as well as Shane Anderson to finally complete their four man roster moving forward. Last Week: 3rd

2nd – 151.7736 Lake County Liners (5-1): I had to add 2 more decimals just to show who was leading the power rankings this year. These two teams are so close in domination with 2 different approaches. The Liners have the G.O.A.T while the Badgers have a 2 Star Lineup. The Liners showed some vulnerability with a Loss to the 0-4 Sliders. In that loss the only runs were scored off 2 Homers from Jason Hillegonds including one inside the park Homer. The bats still look stagnant for this squad. Last Week: 1st

3rd – 144.06 Squints Sluggers (3-2): The Sluggers split this week with a big-time loss to the Sultans. Garret Lytle seemed to struggle while Rob making a great impression in his debut. Luke Prince was no where to be found this week and people wonder what kind of internal struggle the Sluggers are dealing with. Last Week: 3rd

4th – 138.67 Leroy Clams (4-1): The Clams keep finding ways to win. With a fill in signing Ryan Barnes giving up 5 runs the Clams plated 7 guys to take a win in a game many thought they didn’t have a chance. The Clams head to their 3rd T.V. Game tomorrow as they sit 2-0 in those games. Kyle Schaaf was recently signed to the Clams and will be making his debut this week. Last Week: 4th

5th – 133.98 Sultans of Soy (4-2): The Sultans climb a spot after another 2 wins at home. They are unstoppable at home this year going 4-0. Zach Pruim filled in for the missing Micah Hescott hitting Robby Zandstra with another week of penalties. Robby also started himself in both games forcing the Sultans to pitch him 4th this upcoming week as well as another $1 fine. The Sultans will have to be making some moves soon. Last Week: 6th

6th – 116.66 Diamond Dusters (3-3): The Dusters finally hit a fork in the road. Ryan Voges was the 4th guy on a team that saw Kyle Reynhout make his debut after a controversial drop by the Hawaiians. The debut didn’t go as planned as the Dusters lost both games and still are in search of a 4th man. Last Week: 5th

7th – 115.51 Flyin’ Hawaiians (3-3): Another week, another split. The Hawaiians have split games in every single week this year. Austin Warner who is overseas had a huge mishap putting Jim Tucker in his lineup to find out he couldn’t make the games. The Hawaiians look to be in some cap troubles, but they seem to be silencing the noise with the debut of Tucker this week. Last Week: 7th

8th – 107.52 Leroy Truckers (1-4) They were projected to be the worst pitching team this season and one of the best batting teams. They sit dead last in Slugging Percentage and in the top 4 in E.R.A. Tim had enough and brought Ryan Voges to the team in hopes of sparking some type of offense to the lineup. Last Week: 8th

9th – 100.74 Backdoor Sliders (1-4) The Sliders beat the best team in the league handing the Liners their first loss. Jon Gibson showed how much he means to this team and how far they will go with him in the lineup. Last Week: 10th

10th – 99.07 Corn Bombers (1-4) The defending champs are in a rut and can’t seem to get out. Brett has had no consistency from his lineup and seems to find a different way to lose each week. Everyone still thinks this squad will find a way out of the death bracket, but I would hold your breath. Last Week: 9th

11th – 76.75 Noble Narwhals (1-5): This team finally got the monkey of their back and got a win. Jackson looks to embrace being noble and brought a whole new excitement to the franchise. A team that was on a very fast spiral downhill looks to finally get the ball rolling as we head into the 2nd quarter of the season. Last Week: 11th

Facebook Live Games

Due to Hurricane Alberto the games will be played tomorrow on Tuesday instead. As owner’s scurry to get roster’s in tonight we will have a very interesting day of Roster’s. We will still have a great showing for our Facebook Live Games.

Opening Slot (3-3) Flyin’ Hawaiians at (4-1) Leroy Clams

The Clams are looking to make their 3rd appearance on Facebook Live in the opening 4 weeks. The Clams love being on the big stage where they are 2-0. Both teams look to be missing their “Austin” with Gibson working and Warner on a cruise. Kyle Schaaf makes his debut for the Clams and Tucker makes his debut for the Hawaiians. The Hawaiians had their first T.V. Game last week with and look the loss against the Sultans. The Clams are one of the best hitting teams in the league and surprising the Hawaiians have been great from the mound leading the league in k’s.

Second Slot (3-2) Squints Sluggers at (1-4) Backdoor Sliders

This one looks to be an interesting matchup. The Sliders finally tasted victory last week and hope to feed off that energy. They are 0-1 in T.V. Games this year as the Sluggers make their T.V. Debut. Erik is a top 2 player this season and has been getting it done from the mound and the plate with some surprising power this year. This one could go either way.

Fireside Chat will be taking the week off as Going Corn will be running a show tonight! Be sure to get Greg and Caleb your questions!

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