Leroy Wiffle Association

2018 Owners & Draft Order Announced

December 3, 2017


Leroy is officially going to 11 teams for the next couple seasons.  With the expansion we will have 5 new, first time owners going into 2018.  Let's get to know them all starting with the 11th pick.


11th Pick: Diamond Dusters - Marty Rasala

Marty Rasala joined the Association in 2016, after his first full season in 2017 he looks to lead a team in the 2018 campaign.  Marty won Rookie of the Year in 2017. 


10th Pick: Squints Sluggers - Erik Detmar

Erik Detmar was runner up Mr. Leroy last season.  He is coming off Back to Back Championships as a player for his brother's Jager Corn Bombers.  This will be his first season as an owner.

9th Pick: Bushleague Badgers - Jared Jonkman

Jared Jonkman goes into his 4th season as an owner.  The Bushleague Badgers will look to repeat 2017's success making it to the Championship Series.  

8th Pick: Flyin' Hawaiians - Austin Warner

Austin Warner will be a rookie owner in the 2018 season.  The Hawaiian born was a part of the 19-2 Liners last season and looks to make his own name in 2018.

7th Pick: Corn Bombers - Brett Detmar

The 2016 Mr. Leroy is one of the familiar faces of Leroy.  He goes into his 4th season as an owner, with 2 Championships already under his belt.  The Corn Bombers drop the Jager.

6th Pick: Backdoor Sliders - Jordan Mosel 

Jordan returns for a 5th season, he will be the only player in Leroy History to own a team in every single season.  

5th Pick: Leroy Clams - Matt Dykstra

Matt Dykstra has slowly becoming a household name in Leroy after another dominant season in 2017.  He looks to finally write his own story bringing the Clams to existence in 2018. 

 4th Pick: Noble Narwhals - Greg Gierling

The Going Corn host looks to take his talents to ownership.  With Jersey's already ordered Greg looks to set a new standard for owning a team in 2018.  

3rd Pick: Lake County Liners - Caleb Jonkman

The face of Leroy lost a heartbreaking series in 2017.  With an insane salary Caleb looks to take on Leroy yet again as owner of the Liners.

2nd Pick: Sultans of Soy - Robby Zandstra

Robby returns to ownership after taking 2017 off.  The Sultans made it to the Championship in 2016 can they make another run?

1st Pick: Leroy Truckers - Tim Wiljter


The Commish has the first pick and could finally have a chance to put together a good team after getting thrown into ownership last year.  The Truckers return for a 3rd season.


Be sure to check out all the new logos for each team.  CLICK HERE for the logos.

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