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June 17, 2019

Happy Fathers day to Leroy, we are halfway through the season and I think its time for a mid-season report!  The league has seen some great competition and games this year in the best one yet.  I am going to dive into each team and players as well. 

  1. 199.85...

December 24, 2018

The final Rankings until we start the bracket.  Here is seeds #16 through #1.

Check it out!!!

#17 (55.34) Jake Van Vuren

2017: #18 (46.10)

2016: #20 (34.11)

2015: #23 (26.69)

2014: #31 (13.56)

General Stats: 69 Games Played (32-37), 55.34 Ranking (17th), 83.70 Qualify (14th),...

December 23, 2018

We enter the top half of the bracket.  Each of these players have done something and deserve to be recognized. 

#33 (33.47) James Haworth

2017: #57 (14.29)

2016: NA

2015: NA

2014: NA

General Stats: 33 Games Played (21-12), 33.47 Ranking (33rd), 38.91 Qualify (33rd), 28....

December 23, 2018

Now we start getting into players you may have actually heard of before.  

We will tackle seeds #33 - #48, these players might actually have a chance.

#49 (28.00) Jason Hillegonds

2017: NA

2016: NA

2015: NA

2014: NA

General Stats: 25 Games Played (15-10), 28.00 Ranking (...

December 23, 2018

Welcome to part 2 as we start diving into the players included in this year's Hall of Fame Bracket.  We will go over seeds #49-64 in this article as we inch closer to the bracket to find out who will become this year's inductee.

Let's Begin!

#65 (20.72) Lucas Oletti


December 17, 2018

Welcome to the Annual Player Ranking Show! 

Leroy is unique with its own rankings system that uses different criteria.  Last year we started the Hall of Fame bracket with Caleb Jonkman being the first player inducted into the hall of Fame.  We will induct another player...

June 12, 2018

We are getting close to the halfway mark of the season already it what has been a great and growing year.  This week we had our 92nd player participate in a game in Leroy’s history as well as a record breaking 60th player in 2018.  Some drama ensued when team’s had 5 p...

June 5, 2018

Wiffle Tuesday?!!?!  With Hurricane Alberto sweeping the region with fierce wind and rain the games were scheduled to Tuesday this week.  Even with the change of date we still saw a filled roster with 42 players yet again including the return of Fantastic Four owner an...

June 3, 2018

It is one of the most talked about discussions in team sports, the ability to create a landscape of true competitiveness among all teams involved.  In major sports we remember the dynasties; the Jordan Bulls, the Patriots, the Yankees.  I see the positive in dynasties,...

May 28, 2018

We are a quarter of the way through the 5th season in Leroy’s regular season and it was another beautiful night.  We had 42 players attend for the first time in Leroy History.  All five fields had 4 on 4 with 2 players on the mic for the T.V. Games.  A couple new playe...

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