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2016 Season

Roster: Brett Detmar, Erik Detmar, Matt Dykstra, Jeremiah Wiltjer

We dropped back down to 6 teams for the 2016 season.  All together we had 29 guys (24 returning, 5 new) make the way out to the fields.  

2016 Draft

This season we took the draft to the alley.  We had our first annual bowling classic with the draft being held the same night.  

Robby Zandstra



Caleb Jonkman

Round 1 : Pick 1 Overall


Mike Fiene

Round 2 : Pick 12 Overall


Jake Van Vuren

Round 3 : Pick 13 Overall


We had one new owner this season, Robby Zandstra.  Robby had the first pick in the draft with his Grey and Red Sultans of Soy.  

1st Pick - Sultans of Soy

2nd Pick - One Hit Wonders

Grant returned for a third season, this time with the Red and Yellow One Hit Wonders

Grant Reynhout



Jon Gibson

Round 1 : Pick 2 Overall


Nick Fiene

Round 2 : Pick 11 Overall


Aaron Barnes

Round 3 : Pick 14 Overall


3rd Pick - Bushleague Badgers

Jared comes back for a second season, with the white and green Bushleague Badgers

Jared Jonkman



Bo Hofstra

Round 1 : Pick 3 Overall


Tim Wiltjer

Round 2 : Pick 10 Overall


Drew Eenigenburg

Round 3 : Pick 15 Overall


4th Pick - Fantastic Four

Back after a Championship, kevin looks to repeat with his Blue and White Fantastic Four.

Kevin Vroegh



Jack Hillegonds

Round 1 : Pick 4 Overall


Andrew Sitter

Round 2 : Pick 9 Overall


Matt Dykstra

Round 3 : Pick 16 Overall


5th Pick - Backdoor Sliders

The Sliders are back for another crack, Jordan's Black and Blue squad.

Jordan Mosel



Kyle Jansma

Round 1 : Pick 5 Overall


Neil Krooswyk

Round 2 : Pick 8 Overall


Kyle Reynhout

Round 3 : Pick 17 Overall


6th Pick - Jager Corn Bombers

New Name, New Look the Brew Screw Screwballs are gone with the Black and Green Bombers taking over.

Brett Detmar



Colin Lautenbach

Round 1 : Pick 6 Overall


Erik Detmar

Round 2 : Pick 7 Overall


Nathan Zuidema

Round 3 : Pick 18 Overall


2016 season

We started off with two big stories to start the 2016 season, the debut of Greg Gierling and the return of Sam Staal.  Robby's sultans of Soy were the only team to come out week 1 with 2 wins.  The wonders took 2 L's and everyone else sat somewhere in between.  Three teams made changes week 1, Grant released Nick Fiene and signed Sam Staal. The move angered Nick and set Kevin jumped on it right away signing Nick and releasing Matt Dykstra, you know the guy who knocked in the winning run last year to help Fantastic win it all.  With news of Colin being injured, Brett released him and signed Matt.  A move that could go down as the best transition in league history.  

After the moves, the 1-3 Fantastic Four lost both games in week 2.  The 2-2 Jager Corn Bombers won one, and lost one.  The now 2-2 One Hit Wonders grabbed wins over the Bombers and Fantastic.  The 3-1 Backdoor Sliders grabbed two wins as well and held sole position of 1st place for the first time in franchise history as the 2-2 Sultans lost both.

Week three was a different story, the 2-4 wonders didn't get a single run in 2 games.  The 4-2 Bombers took out Fantastic and the Sultans and sit tied with the 4-2 Sliders going into week 4. 

In week 4 we see the 6-2 Bombers win a pair, as well as the 3-4-1 Fantastic as Kevin makes his return.  The 4-4 Sliders lose to games and drop back to .500.

Week five would usually be the end of the season, but this season we expanded to 21 games, so we only sit at the half way point.  No team wins 2 games this week as the 4-5-1 Wonders tie Fantastic and sneak out a win against the Sultans. Jon Gibson hit his 50th career homer the first to do so, against the Sultans.  Bo Hofstra was released by the Badgers after week 5 and newcomer Marty Rasala was picked up.  

Week six saw 3 games end with a 1 run victory.  The 4-7-1 Sultans lost a game by 1, and won a game by 1 as they strive to gel in the 2nd half of the season.  The 8-4 Bombers destroyed the 6-6 Backdoor Sliders 19-4 after losing 2 straight games.  The Bombers released Nathan Zuidema and signed Jeremiah Wiltjer, a move that put this team over the top. 

The 10-4 Bombers didn't allow a run in week 7, as the 4-9-1 Wonders didn't score a run in week 7.  Everyone else went 1-1 on the week with only 7 games left to play. 

Week 8 we were able to witness Kyle Jansma's 50th career homer, a shot that sent Grant Reynhout over the fence in a game the 5-10-1 Wonders ended up winning.  Austin Gibson also makes a surprise return, he hasn't played since 2014.

A last minute push for the 8-9-1 Sultans with 2 big wins over 9-8-1 Fantastic and the 7-8-3 Badgers.  Three teams searching to get the 2nd bye as the 14-4 Bombers win two more games and clinch the #1 seed.  The wonders in a last minute push sign Austin Gibson and release Aaron Barnes. 

The final week featured 3 games with every team basically fighting for a second place finish. 

2016 playoffs

The #1 seeded Bombers, and #2 seeded Fantastic go into the playoffs with a first round bye. 

The first matchup was Robby's Sultans of Soy against Grant's One Hit Wonders.  Robby was the only one who didn't attend as Caleb Jonkman, Mike Fiene, and Jake Van Vuren led the Sultans against the Wonders roster consisting of Grant Reynhout, Jon Gibson, Sam Staal, and newly acquired Austin Gibson.  This series was over before it began, Caleb Jonkman hit his 50th homer to start game 1.  The Sultans hit 18 homers in the 2 game series winning both by double digits.  The wonders looked very overmatched as they 20 times at the plate.  

The #4 seeded Bushleague Badgers had a rematch series against the #5 seeded Backdoor Sliders.  The sliders had a full roster consisting of Jordan Mosel, Kyle Jansma, Neil Krooswyk, and Kyle Reynhout.  The Badgers were missing Jared, as Tim Wiltjer, Marty Rasala, and Drew Eenigenburg went into the matchup.  The first game was almost identical to last season.  A back and forth game with Tim pitching in the top of the fifth trying to save the game.  With runners on and two outs a hit to center had Kyle Reynhout on his way home to tie the game when Drew belted the ball into to Tim who tagged Kyle to get the final out and a huge Badger Game 1 win.  Marty and Kyle exchanged homers in the first five innings of game 2 forcing it into extras.  Then in the bottom of the 7th, Drew Eenigenburg gave up a shot to Kyle Reynhout who hit a walk off bomb to finally get this team a playoff win.  The whole Backdoor Slider roster had yet to win a playoff game in 3 years leading up to that walk off.  Neil led off the sudden death game 3 with a huge homer off Marty to straight away center.  With all momentum on the Sliders side the Badgers coulnd't fester up a run and the Sliders upset the Badgers in one of the greatest series' to date. 

The #1 seeded Jager Corn Bombers look to destroy the #5 seeded Sliders.  With both teams having the full roster each player was fresh for both games.  Brett Detmar, Erik Detmar, Matt Dykstra, and Jeremiah Wiltjer faced Jordan Mosel, Neil Krooswyk, Kyle Jansma, and Kyle Reynhout.  Game 1 was a pitching duel, something the Sliders were not known for.  Kyle Jansma had the Sliders amped up, but runners got on in the bottom of the 6th inning against Neil and Matt Dykstra who came up with another clutch hit knockd a single to bring in the winning run to sneak out with a 1-0 win.  With another close defeat the Sliders looked to rebound yet again and held their ground all the way till the top of the 7th till Brett knocked in Erik to get a 1-0 lead.  Brett shut down the Sliders in the bottom of the 7th and the Bombers pitched 13 shutout innings to sweep the series.

The #2 seeded Fantastic went up against the #3 seeded Sultans of Soy.  Fantastic were without Jack Hillegonds, as Kevin Vroegh, Nick Fiene, and Andrew Sitter went up against Robby Zandstra, Caleb Jonkman, and Jake Van Vuren.  Kevin Vroegh and Andrew Sitter came up big both hitting 2 homers and doing just enough to win game 1 8-7.  Game 2 had Caleb written all over it, he hit 2 solo homers on pace for a 2-1 win for the Sultans forcing the series to a sudden death game 3.  Robby Zandstra destroyed a pitch off Kevin Vroegh in the first inning finally getting out of his slump.  It was all they needed as Caleb shut the door for the first #3 seed to make the Championship.  They had to knock the defending champs out to do so.  

The Championship got heated in game one.  Close calls got heated between players.  The Bombers had a full team, while Miek Fiene was missing yet again in the Championship series, a controversy in itself.  Game 1 featured homers from Caleb and Robby on pace to a 2-0 win, as the Bombers struck out 13 times in 18 at bats getting only 3 hits.  Game 2 was a different story, with the game at 1-0 Matt Dykstra hit a 2 run shot of Caleb to take a 3-0 lead in the top of the 5th.  A huge homer that changed momentum for the series tied the series up going into a game 3 sudden death matchup.  Matt Dykstra for the second straight season hits the go ahead hit to win the game and top one of the greatest seasons we will ever see from a team again.  

We saw 3 of the 5 series go into 3 games, with a fourth series being 1-0 wins in extras for both games.  The competition was at an all time high, but the clear advantage was the Bombers.  It was a playoffs to remember.

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