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2014 season




Roster: Drew Eenigenburg, Alan Myszkowski, Robby Zandstra, Jared Jonkman.

The first season sparked a lot of interest with 35 players making their way to the field.  We had 6 teams in the 2014 campaign.  

2014 draft

The 2014 Draft was held in the barn with all owners at the event.  The first team was Kyle Reynhout's Green and White Honey Nut Ichiros which ended up winning nickname of the year by the NWLA.  The second pick in the draft went to Jordan Mosel and his Black and Blue Backdoor Sliders.  The third squad went to Drew Eenigenburg and his Yellow and Green Chainsmokers.  Grant had the fourth pick in the draft with his White and Grey Muffni Men.  The fifth pick belonged to Kevin Vroegh and his Orange and Black Master Batters.  The final pick went to Neil Krooswyk and the Superior Strikers.  

The Co-Commissioner Kyle Reynhout had the first pick in the draft as selected the other Co-Commissioner Tim Wiltjer with the first overall pick.  Nathan Zuidema was selected 2nd and is arguably the biggest bust the league has seen, playing just 2 games in the 2014 season.  Drew Eenigenburg drafted his cousin Alan with the 3rd pick.  A no name player that ended up winning MVP.


Neil Krooswyk convinced everyone not to draft Caleb Jonkman and some how got him with the last pick in the first round.   Phone calls were made and of the 18 selected players, only 1 never made it to the field: Kyle Van Kalker.  

2014 season

The first games for the league were very controversial.  The Superior Strikers (later to be known as the Leroy Truckers) claimed to beat the Muffin Men 17-16, but upon further video review actually lost the game 17-16.  Upon losing the game Caleb Jonkman went down with a hand injury with no return in sight.  Neil who didn't attend the week one game, quit and said he didn't want to be an owner.  Tim Wiltjer took over the Strikers rebranding the team as the Truckers, Neil was than traded to the Ichiros. 

The second week saw a rise of Kevin Vroegh's 3-0 Master Batters, he won both games with combined scores of 30-3.  After the second week some big changes were made.  The 0-3 Truckers released Caleb Jonkman and signed Brett Detmar, a move that was legal at the time.  In 2017 we changed the ranking process which is the reason for many teams bring over the salary cap on the picture to the right.  Not only did Tim drop Caleb, he traded Ben Byma to the 1-2 Sliders in return for Colin Lautenbach.  Tim then released Colin and signed big hitter Mike Fiene to the team.

Going into games 4 and 5 of the season we saw similar results.  The 5-0 Batters won two more games and the 0-5 Truckers lost two more games.  Everyone else seemed to sit in the middle.  The Muffin Men, Backdoor Sliders, and Chainsmokers all sat at 3-2 in a effort to get the #2 spot and a first round bye.  Colin Lautenbach made an apperance in the week 3 games leading Jordan to release Ben and resign Colin.  Isaiah Devries was also let go by the 1-4 Ichiros in a move to sign Seth Vant Hoff.  The Chainsmokers made a big time move signing Robby Zandstra, and with Caleb's return looming the Truckers released Mike Fiene and resigned Caleb Jonkman.  A move that sparked some fire under Mike.


Kevin was no where to be found in the week 4 games leading to 2 losses from the 5-2 Batters.  With Caleb back in full force the 2-5 Truckers snatched up the franchises first two wins.  The Sliders and Smokers looked to be a force grabbing wins and improving to 5-2.  With the Batters losing we now had a 3 way tie for first with 3 games left in the regular season.  In a move of desperation the Batters signed youngster Erik Detmar and released Kyle Van Kalker going into the week 5 games.

The 7-2 Chainsmokers kept rising and the 5-4 Batters kept falling.  The Ichiros fall to 2-7 and automatically will be the #6 seed moving into the playoffs.  Teams made some last minute signings before the playoffs.  Kevin releases newly acquired Erik Detmar, and signs slugger Mike Fiene for his 4 spot.  Grant releases both Austin and Jon Gibson with them unavailable for the rest of the season.  He signs Ben Byma as well as Erik Detmar.

The final week of the season had 3 blowouts.  All games were at least won by 8 points or more.  The 6-4 Batters beat the 6-4 Sliders in a must win to clinch the two seed.  The 4-6 truckers won and Muffin Men lose giving them home field advantage over Grant's team in the Quarter Finals.  



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2014 Box Scores

2014 playoffs

The 2014 Quarter Finals never happened unfortunately.  Both the Sliders and Muffins couldn't get enough people to field a team leaving both squads to forfeit.  

We head to the semi finals and the #1 Chainsmokers are without the MVP Alan Myszkowski.  Drew Eenigenburg and Jared Jonkman took on the Truckers Tim Wiltjer, Caleb Jonkman, and Brett Detmar.  Jared and Drew had no problems in the first game allowing only 2 hits, in a 2-0 game with Caleb Jonkman giving up a solo shot to both Jared and Drew.  The second game Caleb's bat came alive as the Truckers scored 8 runs of Jared in a 8-6 win to force a sudden death game 3.  The truckers got runners on in both innings, but in the bottom of the 2nd Drew Eenigenburg ripped one to Left off Brett Detmar to win the series and move on to the Championship.  

The #2 seeded Batters sported a full roster of Kevin Vroegh, Sam Staal, Andrew Sitter, and Mike Fiene.  The #6 seeded Ichiros only have 2 guys make the series: Kyle Reynhout and Kyle Jansma.  The first game was intense, 9 homers were hit between the two teams in what you would think would be a high scoring game.  The Batters scored 6 runs on 5 homers, while the Ichiros scored 5 runs on 4 homers.  The second game wasn't even close, a depleted Ichiro roster gave up run after run losing 11-1 in the sweep.  

The 2014 Championship will always be one to remember.  Alan Myszkowski made a return with the flu, Drew Eenigenburg, Robby Zandstra, and Jared Jonkman all made the series.  While Kevin Vroegh, Sam Staal, and Mike Fiene completed the Batters rosters.  The first game was all Batters as they powered 9 homers and 12 total runs including Mike Fiene hitting one of Alan.  The only run and home run giving up by him in his career.  The Chainsmokers scored 8 runs themselves, but it wasn't enough as the #1 seed went down 1-0.  The second game saw just as much offense as 6 of the 7 players hit a homer, but the Chainsmokers found a way to come out on top with a 9-7, forcing yet another sudden death.  

It took only one inning to decide this one.  Alan shut down the Batters in 3 at bats, and it was Sam's turn to do the same in the bottom half.  Singles from Alan and Jared led way to a game winning walk off RBI double from Robby Zandstra that sealed a Chainsmokers Championship.  A disappointed Sam stormed off and burned out as the Batters were left watching the Smokers hoist the inaugural ship. 

playoff roster

playoff results

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